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BMW Alpina D3
BMW Alpina D3

BMW Alpina D3 fills the niche in between the 320d and 325d, meanwhile Alpina acquires a wider audience for their products. It is equipped with four diesel engines and a range of sporting accessories, while maintaining top-fuel economy figures. BMW Alpina D3 is equipped with diesel engine, which is taken from the BMW 320d. Alpina engineers installed a larger turbine, more productive injector nozzle, sport exhaust system and changed electronic engine management.

Consequently, the engine develops 200 horsepower and 410 Nm maximum torque at 2000 rpm. Stock BMW Alpina D3 obtains the original design aerodynamic body kit with Alpina recognition marks, 18-inch wheel-drives (for an extra charge – 19-inch), a dual exhaust system, sports seats and steering wheel. 0-60 it does in 7.4 seconds and the maximum speed reaches 148 miles per hour. However, disconnecting the electronic stability system – both the draft and the exchange rate stabilization – BMW Alpina D3 disappoints. It is not possible to drift or make a burnout with it. Of course, it is frivolous but it should be possible.

BMW Alpina D3 will be suitable for someone who wants a car with sporting equipment and the origin, but at the same time wants to drive it everyday and not to think about lap times on the race track. But the best thing about it is that BMW Alpina D3 makes 40 miles per gallon, so with one tank it is able to go up to 621 miles.

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