Stains Happen: 2018 Equinox Designed for Everyday Life

People turn to social media to share experiences and track the latest trends in fashion and design. So does Chevrolet.

When working on the 2018 Equinox’s interior, the design team crafted a comfortable, fashion-forward interior with features and materials developed for easier everyday use. During the process, they followed real people on Instagram and other social media channels, along with designers and lifestyle influencers, monitoring color and fabric trends as well as common consumer problems such as dark-wash denim staining other fabrics it touches — including new-vehicle seats.

“Many fashion trends disappear after a year of two, while the Equinox is designed for the long haul, making the durability of its materials very important,” said Mara Kapsis, color and trim designer for the 2018 Equinox. “By following real people and absorbing the little things in life that help or hinder them — such as photos posted of muddy paws, spilled drinks or stains on the seats — we learned more about how we could make the new Equinox easier to live with and enjoy every day.”

The 2018 Equinox interior offers a durable denim-like seat fabric that is easy to clean, or available leather seating surfaces with a new treatment that resists staining and scuffing.

The denim-like material’s appearance and color were inspired by contemporary trends in black denim clothing, while the material offers exceptional wear resistance and easy clean-up.

“The fabric is very durable, while the color and even the pattern help hide dirt and stains,” said Kapsis. “It’s also very easy to vacuum and clean, which saves owners time and helps keep the interior looking great year after year.”

As for the available leather-trimmed seats, the newly developed surface treatment makes it easier to clean any “bleeding” of other materials such as new jeans and annoying scuffs from black leather belts or boots.

“The Equinox is designed for the way our customers live,” said Kapsis. “Complementing its style with durable, easy-to-clean materials helps ensure it and its owners make a fashion statement every day.”

Fashion forecasting was also part of the process, as the design team needed to anticipate color trends about three years ahead of the Equinox’s launch, which is typical for vehicle design.

“More than anticipating where design will be when the vehicle is introduced, you’ve got to balance it with a timeless quality that will keep it looking modern for years to come,” said Kapsis. “There’s risk involved with that, but it paid off with the new Equinox.”