Nissan to show LEAF NISMO Concept, Serena NISMO at Tokyo Motor Show

Nissan to show LEAF NISMO Concept, Serena NISMO at Tokyo Motor Show

Nissan to show LEAF NISMO Concept, Serena NISMO at Tokyo Motor Show

Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. will show a number of exciting concept cars and production vehicles at this year’s Tokyo Motor Show, giving customers a glimpse of the company’s newest and future innovations.

A new concept model that embodies the future of Nissan Intelligent Mobility will be among the highlights of the vehicles on display. The Nissan LEAF NISMO Concept car, the performance-oriented Serena NISMO and an updated Skyline will also debut at the show. In all, Nissan plans to display 13 vehicles.

The 45th Tokyo Motor Show, held at Tokyo Big Sight, is open to the public from Oct. 27 to Nov. 5. Press days are Oct. 25-26. The Nissan booth, in East Hall 5, will feature a “spiral” design theme symbolizing the company’s past, present and future commitment to making exciting products. It will showcase the values Nissan strives to offer, including the company’s latest electric vehicles. A simulator will let visitors experience the future of Nissan Intelligent Mobility.

The following is an overview of some of the main display models:

LEAF NISMO Concept: Nissan’s flagship electric car meets NISMO’s driving excitement

Launched in September, the new Nissan LEAF comes with the latest iteration of Nissan’s ProPILOT single-lane autonomous driving technology. It also includes ProPILOT Park, the first technology in a Japanese-made vehicle to help drivers park by automatically controlling the accelerator, brakes, steering, shift changing and parking brake. Another feature of the new LEAF is e-Pedal, which lets the driver start, accelerate, decelerate, stop and hold the car by using only the accelerator pedal.

The NISMO Concept version of the new LEAF has a sporty new exterior designed by NISMO, Nissan’s motorsports and in-house tuning division. The application of NISMO racing technology to the car’s body results in enhanced aerodynamic performance and less lift, without sacrificing the LEAF’s excellent drag coefficient. The black interior features NISMO’s signature red accents, creating an exciting, high-performance feel.

On the road, the LEAF NISMO Concept offers a truly exciting drive. This is thanks to a sport-tuned suspension and high-performance tires, not to mention a custom-tuned computer that delivers instant acceleration at all speeds. The LEAF NISMO Concept combines the environmentally friendly character of an electric car with the exciting driving experience that’s always been a hallmark of the NISMO brand.

Serena NISMO: a minivan with spiced-up looks
The Serena NISMO offers NISMO’s sporting technology – head-turning styling and exhilarating performance – without sacrificing the base model’s family-friendly, utilitarian nature. The exterior design appropriately reflects NISMO’s performance-oriented nature, with custom aero parts that enhance the aggressiveness of its appearance. Inside, occupants will enjoy NISMO’s signature red accents.

The Serena NISMO features sharper handling, thanks to a custom sport-tuned suspension system. A new engine control module and exhaust system add extra excitement and flair to the overall driving experience. The Serena NISMO is scheduled to go on sale in Japan in November 2017.

The Skyline: a premium sports sedan with advanced technology
Nissan’s premium sports sedan has always featured cutting-edge technology that stirs the driver’s emotions. All Skyline models now come with Nissan’s All-Around Safety Shield technology. This can be combined with the high-performance, environmentally friendly hybrid system and Direct Adaptive Steering, which provides intuitive handling for easier and safer driving.

Changes to the Skyline include a revamped exterior and new aluminum wheel designs that spice up what was already one of the most attractive vehicles in its class. Inside the cabin, the steering wheel and shift knob are new, as is the instrument panel’s surface finish, giving the interior an even higher premium quality. The new Skyline is scheduled to go on sale in Japan in December 2017.


Nissan licenses energy-efficient engine technology to HELLER

Nissan licenses energy-efficient engine technology to HELLER

Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. has licensed its Nissan Machining Roughening Process (“NMRP”), a proprietary technology used in making automotive engines, to world-leading German machine tool manufacturer Gebr. Heller Maschinenfabrik GmbH.

By using HELLER machinery that incorporates NMRP, carmakers worldwide will be able to mass-produce engines with highly energy-efficient cylinder bores with iron spray coating at a consistent quality level.

“Rather than limiting the use of our own technologies like NMRP within the company, Nissan is contributing to the technological advancement of the industry by making them widely available,” said Catherine Perez, corporate vice president of corporate strategy, partnerships and business development at Nissan. “Nissan will also advance its research and development by investing the profit gained from licensing assets like NMRP. We expect the licensing of NMRP to HELLER will result in improved quality of products and services as well as customer satisfaction in the automotive industry as a whole.”

Conventionally, a tube-shaped cast-iron liner (with a wall thickness of 2.6 mm ) is inserted into an engine’s cylinder bore, where it serves to protect the reciprocating piston from heat and friction. To reduce engine weight and improve fuel efficiency, automakers have begun replacing cast-iron liners with 0.2 mm-thick iron spray coating – or molten, low-carbon steel, sprayed onto the inner surface – primarily in high-performance and ultralow-emission cars. Also known as “mirror bore coating” for its mirror-like finish, iron spray coating helps manufacturers reduce engine weight and facilitate cooling, significantly boosting energy efficiency without affecting the driving experience.

Engines using iron spray coating, however, are known to be difficult to mass-produce with consistent quality, limiting the technology’s application to a small number of high-end engines. Mass production requires advanced thermal spraying technology as well as technology that ensures the coating stays bonded on the inner surface of the cylinder despite constant explosion and compression.

NMRP is a type of hole-boring process that uses optimized tools and processing conditions to roughen the inner surface of a cylinder bore so that the iron spray coating stays tightly bonded. By combining appropriate thermal spraying technology and NMRP, manufacturers can mass-produce engines with iron spray coating at a consistent quality level, at a relatively affordable price.

Nissan first applied iron spray coating to the VR38DET engine of the Nissan GT-R, and then to low-emission engines for minivans and compact cars – including the Nissan Juke 16GT’s MR16DDT; VR30DDTT for Infiniti Q50 and Q60; VQ35DD for Pathfinder and Infiniti QX60; HR12DDR; and MR20DD, without limiting its use for high-performance engines.

HELLER has been producing and selling machining modules for cylinder bore coating. Nissan’s NMRP license enables HELLER to offer a combination of technologies for carmakers to mass-produce engines with iron spray coating.