Unleashing the Night: Maserati Introduces MC20 Notte – A Limited Edition Masterpiece of Power, Elegance, and Racing Spirit


Maserati is delighted to unveil the MC20 Notte, the inaugural limited edition of its super sports car MC20. Crafted for the race track yet engineered for superior performance on the road, the MC20 Notte Edition pays homage to the audacious spirit that has consistently propelled the Trident brand forward since its inception.

The MC20, symbolizing Maserati’s return to its supercar roots by seamlessly blending sportiness and luxury, now draws even closer to its racing essence with the introduction of the Notte Edition. This exclusive release, limited to just 50 units globally, draws inspiration from the mystical and intense power of darkness. A formidable beast, designed to captivate and aesthetically elevate the already extraordinary performance of its V6 Nettuno engine.

Inspired by the captivating world of racing, the Maserati Fuoriserie team collaborated with Andrea Bertolini, Maserati’s esteemed reference driver and former GT1 world champion. Together, they shaped the bodywork of the MC20 Notte, transitioning its exterior from a lustrous black to a magnetic matte ‘nero essenza’ shade designed to illuminate in the dark. Bertolini’s touch transforms key details—the Trident, side logos, and Maserati signature—from silver to matte white gold, rekindling the brand’s illustrious motorsport legacy.

Remaining firmly planted on the tarmac, the 20” matte black birdcage wheels feature accents in matte white gold, while the black brake calipers complete the sleek look. Inside, the MC20 Notte boasts 6-way power sport seats in Alcantara black/grey with yellow stitching. The unmistakable Trident adorns the headrests, and the Alcantara sport steering wheel incorporates carbon fiber inserts. A unique metal plate commemorating the MC20 Notte Edition, along with a distinctive ‘UNA DI 50’ (one of 50) signature, graces the space between the two headrests.

“Fuoriserie,” meaning ‘custom-built’ in Italian, embodies Maserati’s customization program, aimed at crafting unique automotive masterpieces for clients. Klaus Busse, Head of Maserati Design, expressed, “MC20 Notte celebrates the thrill of racing and the allure of the night, combining supreme performance and Italian elegance with a touch of mystery from the nocturnal world. It is the first Fuoriserie limited edition of MC20 and is dedicated to super sportscar collectors and track enthusiasts.”

In celebration of the MC20 Notte Edition launch, a captivating short film featuring global brand ambassador David Beckham and Maserati’s reference driver Andrea Bertolini showcases Beckham’s dazzling MC20 transformed into a new racing entity, blazing through the night on city streets and the racetrack.

After an exclusive preview for Maserati Tridente members, the MC20 Notte is now available worldwide. Future owners will be invited to partake in a Maserati on-track driving experience, allowing them to savor the unique thrill offered by this exclusive Trident model.

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GMC Introduces the All-New 2024 Acadia, Redefining Premium SUV Excellence


GMC has taken the wraps off the highly anticipated all-new 2024 Acadia, setting a new standard for premium mid-size SUVs and ushering in a new era for the brand’s SUV and crossover family. This latest iteration boasts an extended body, enhanced interior, elevated exterior design, advanced technology, and a comprehensive set of safety features.

Duncan Aldred, Global Vice President of Buick and GMC, stated, “GMC’s brand mission is to be a leader in capability, professional grade refinement, and technological innovation. The all-new Acadia showcases all that and more in a uniquely GMC way — and it’s a blueprint of what’s to come for the GMC SUV portfolio.”

The 2024 Acadia is larger in all dimensions compared to its predecessor, providing increased passenger space and flexibility with a seating configuration accommodating seven or eight passengers, depending on the trim. The larger size translates to expanded storage capacity, offering nearly 80 percent more cargo space behind the third row and over 36 percent more behind the second row compared to the current generation.

Under the hood, all trims of the Acadia feature a new 2.5L turbocharged engine, delivering more power and trailering capability than the previous generation. Generating 328 horsepower and 326 lb-ft of torque, the engine is paired with an eight-speed automatic transmission on all trims with available all-wheel drive. The Acadia AT4 model boasts an exclusive off-road-capable Active Torque Control AWD system.

The 2024 Acadia introduces Super Cruise, an advanced hands-free driver assistance system, making it the fifth GMC model to offer this groundbreaking technology. Super Cruise is available on various trims, including Elevation Premium and AT4, in addition to Denali. The latest version of Super Cruise includes trailering assist and automatic lane-change capabilities.

Inside, the Acadia features a new interior with a 15-inch-diagonal premium GMC infotainment system display across all trims. The system offers customizable touchscreen displays, Google built-in compatibility, and a high-contrast display. The interior also includes a standard 11-inch-diagonal driver information center.

The Acadia’s advanced technology extends to its camera views, with up to nine available options for enhanced visibility. The SUV boasts an extensive list of standard advanced safety features and driver assistance technologies, ensuring a safe and secure driving experience.

The Acadia lineup includes the rugged AT4 model, emphasizing off-road capability with distinctive design elements and exclusive interior appointments. On the other end, the Denali model epitomizes refined luxury, featuring one-touch folding second-row seats, power-folding third row, distinctive exterior trim, and a host of luxurious interior features.

Production of the 2024 GMC Acadia is set to take place at GM’s Lansing Delta Township Assembly in Michigan, with availability expected in early 2024. Further details, including pricing, will be announced closer to the start of production.

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Chevrolet Colorado Cruises to Victory: Voted 2024 Best Truck of the Year by Hispanic Motor Press Association

2023 Chevrolet Colorado Z71
Front 3/4 view of Colorado Z71 in scenic area with beach and mountains.

The Chevrolet Colorado has once again secured the spotlight for its outstanding capability, performance, and technological features, earning the prestigious title of 2024 Best Truck of the Year from the Hispanic Motor Press Association (HMPA).

This esteemed award was presented during the 14th annual HMPA program at AutoMobility LA, where HMPA president Ricardo Rodriguez-Long and a distinguished panel of judges recognized the Colorado’s excellence.

The 2024 jury, comprised of independent Hispanic automotive media, content creators, and industry influencers, evaluated vehicles based on comprehensive criteria, including design, comfort, safety, economy, handling, performance, functionality, infotainment integration, interior design, environmental impact, driver satisfaction, and price.

Chevrolet takes pride in this recognition, particularly considering the popularity of pickup trucks among Hispanic consumers. The 2023 Colorado lineup, featuring Work Truck (WT), LT, Z71, ZR2, and Trail Boss models, offers a variety of choices tailored to different needs. With three distinctive chassis stances optimizing capabilities, the lineup caters to diverse customer preferences, whether for work or recreational activities, including off-roading.

Ricardo Rodriguez-Long, President of Hispanic Motor Press, commented, “As Latinos, we seek maximum value in our purchases. With significant buying power, we are discerning customers, and HMPA acknowledges brands that consistently meet our community’s needs, delivering quality and reliable products for ourselves, our families, and our lifestyles.

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Securing 92 Car and Driver Awards, Setting a New Standard in Automotive Excellence!

2024 Honda Accord Sport-L

In a remarkable achievement, Honda reaffirms its leadership as the most awarded brand in Car and Driver history, boasting an impressive 92 trophies. The sleek and powerful Honda Accord takes center stage with a record-breaking 38th honor, including an extraordinary streak of 26 consecutive years. The 11th-generation Honda Civic adds to the celebration with its third consecutive win, while the 6th-generation Honda CR-V secures its second consecutive victory.

Highlighting design and engineering excellence, Honda clinches three coveted 2024 Car and Driver 10Best awards for the second year running. This achievement, more than any other brand, sees the Honda Civic and Accord on the esteemed 10Best Cars list, and the Honda CR-V securing a spot on the 10Best Trucks and SUVs list. Additionally, the Acura Integra Type S secures a place on the 10Best Cars list, making American Honda Motor Co., Inc. the proud recipient of four coveted spots.

With an unparalleled total of 92 awards, Honda stands as the winningest brand in Car and Driver history, maintaining a presence on the prestigious 10Best list since its inception in 1983.

The Honda Accord, America’s best-selling car over the last five decades, continues its reign as the most awarded vehicle in Car and Driver 10Best history. The Accord’s remarkable 38 appearances on the list, including the last 26 consecutive years, solidify its legendary status. The Civic earns its 10th 10Best award, while the CR-V secures its fifth win.

Lance Woelfer, Assistant Vice President of Honda National Sales, expresses gratitude, stating, “Taking home three prestigious Car and Driver 10Best awards for the second year in a row is an incredible honor for the entire Honda family. For Honda, these awards are not just recognition of Civic, Accord, and CR-V, but motivation for every Honda associate to continue creating, building, and selling products that create joy for our customers.”

The Accord and CR-V hybrid models play a crucial role in Honda’s electrification strategy, representing over 50% of Accord and CR-V sales in 2024. These models feature a new, advanced Honda two-motor hybrid system, prioritizing efficiency without compromising dynamic performance or driving experience.

All three Honda models featured on the 10Best lists are proudly made in North America, a testament to the company’s commitment to building products close to the customer. The 11th-generation Accord is manufactured in the Marysville Auto Plant in Ohio, while the 11th-generation Civic Sedan is made in Alliston, Ontario, Canada, with the Civic Hatchback built at the Honda Indiana Auto Plant. The 6th-generation CR-V is produced in three North American plants, including the East Liberty Auto Plant in Ohio, the Indiana Auto Plant, and Honda of Canada Mfg.

Honda’s two-motor hybrid-electric power unit, powering the Accord hybrid and CR-V hybrid, is crafted at the Honda Transmission Plant in Ohio. The 2.0-liter Atkinson-cycle four-cylinder engine is produced at the Anna Engine Plant in Ohio.

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Mercedes-Benz Makes History: World’s First Approval for Special Exterior Lighting in Automated Driving in California and Nevada


Breaking New Ground: Mercedes-Benz Secures World’s First Approval for Automated Driving Marker Lights in California and Nevada

Mercedes-Benz has achieved a historic milestone as the world’s inaugural automaker to obtain permits for specialized exterior marker lights for automated driving, issued by the states of California and Nevada. The California exemption permit, initially granted for two years, allows testing of turquoise-colored marker lights on freeways for automated driving. Meanwhile, the Nevada permit permits the incorporation of these lights into Mercedes-Benz Model Year 2026 production vehicles until legislative changes are enacted.

These groundbreaking permits mark a significant step forward for Mercedes-Benz, providing invaluable insights into the interaction between automated vehicles and other road users. The turquoise-colored marker lights, developed in accordance with SAE J3134 Recommended Practice, enhance public acceptance of automated driving by clearly indicating the system’s status to external observers. This visibility not only contributes to road safety but also aids law enforcement in identifying the automated driving system’s status, ensuring compliance with regulations.

Markus Schäfer, Member of the Board of Management of Mercedes-Benz Group AG and Chief Technology Officer, emphasizes the brand’s commitment to setting new industry standards: “With the development of automated driving marker lights, Mercedes-Benz is once again setting new industry standards. We are the first automaker in the world to receive such approvals in the U.S., specifically in California and Nevada. The more automated driving vehicles populate the road, the more important communication and interaction between the vehicle and the environment become.”

The pioneering use case for these marker lights is in conjunction with DRIVE PILOT, the world’s first SAE-Level 3 system for conditionally automated driving with internationally valid type approval. DRIVE PILOT, certified in Germany in 2021 and in Nevada and California in 2023, is already available for orders in Germany, with production vehicles making their debut on California and Nevada freeways.

The turquoise color was chosen for its visibility, aiding rapid detection by other road users, and its differentiation from existing vehicle lighting and traffic signals. Mercedes-Benz aims to standardize the use of turquoise lights globally, emphasizing safety and advancing technical innovations for automated driving. While California and Nevada have taken the lead with granted exemptions, the pursuit of a globally harmonized regulation for turquoise marker lights is on the horizon, ensuring heightened safety for all road users.

Courtesy : https://media.mercedes-benz.com