Hummer H4 Confirmed

Hummer H4

Hummer H4

HUMMER will consolidate its upcoming H3 range in Australia from 2009 with a variety of new models that will include a compact SUV, diesel, ethanol and hybrid power, and a new full-sized Hummer H2.

Central to this will be engineering and design input from General Motors’ global outposts, including Holden, but perhaps Hummer’s most ambitious plan involves a vehicle that sits below the H3 – currently the company’s smallest offering.

Known as the Hummer H4 – although this may change by the time it appears around 2010 – it will give the Hummer brand a vital weapon in the United States against premium-priced compact SUVs such as the Nizzan Murano.

Hummer general manager Martin Walsh revealed that the Hummer H4 will be twinned with an upcoming compact General Motors platform, although he stopped short of saying which one it would be.

“It will be another GM platform that will allow us to build a smaller vehicle,” he says.

John Heinricy, General Motors director of high performance vehicles, told GoAuto that GM’s engineering plants across the globe are intertwined in their new-model developments.