Rolls-Royce Ghost: A Symphony of Elegance, Innovation, and Bespoke Luxury


Rolls-Royce Motor Cars unveiled the first Ghost at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show, targeting a clientele seeking a more understated expression of Rolls-Royce perfection. The Ghost Extended variant followed in 2011, with an updated Series II Ghost at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show and the debut of the first Black Badge Ghost two years later.

The first-generation Ghost, spanning a decade until 2019, became the company’s most successful product, solidifying Rolls-Royce’s global luxury brand status. The present Ghost, launched in 2020, shares its Architecture of Luxury spaceframe with flagship models like Phantom, Cullinan, and Spectre, and includes Ghost Extended and Black Badge Ghost variants introduced in 2021.

Ghost Philosophy and Positioning

Ghost embodies reduction, minimalism, and simplicity, offering a blank canvas for Bespoke commissions. This approach caters to a new generation of luxury consumers rejecting extravagance for substance. Tailored for a younger demographic, often self-made and self-reliant, Ghost prioritizes driving experience and dynamics.

Current Ghost Model

Ghost’s simplicity belies its technological prowess, featuring LED and laser headlights, alertness assistant, a four-camera system, active cruise control, and more. Built on Rolls-Royce’s proprietary Architecture of Luxury spaceframe, Ghost boasts all-wheel drive, all-wheel steering, and a Planar Suspension System for the hallmark ‘magic carpet ride.’ Its 6.75-Litre Twin-Turbocharged V12 engine ensures dynamic performance.


The aluminium spaceframe, all-aluminium bodyshell, and innovative Planar Suspension System contribute to Ghost’s superior acoustics and optimal weight distribution. The 6.75-Litre V12 engine, combined with the Planar Suspension System, delivers an unparalleled driving experience. The Effortless Doors and Micro-Environment Purification System enhance comfort and luxury.


Ghost applies Rolls-Royce’s Formula for Serenity, focusing on the Architecture of Luxury’s acoustic qualities. The interior features 100kg of acoustic material, ensuring a calm, serene environment. Ghost exhibits a subtle ‘whisper,’ a soft undertone achieved by tuning each component to share a common resonant frequency.


Defined by minimalism and purity, Ghost’s exterior features sharp lines, an assertive front end, and a near-square rear light graphic. The deliberately neutral upper section balances the driver-oriented and chauffeur-driven aspects.


The interior continues the minimalist principles of the exterior, offering a relaxing refuge and maximizing the impact of Bespoke color personalization. Specially developed wood veneers, an Illuminated Fascia, and a Bespoke Audio system highlight the meticulous attention to detail.

Bespoke Features

Ghost’s Illuminated Fascia and Bespoke Audio system showcase Rolls-Royce’s commitment to exquisite craftsmanship. The Illuminated Fascia includes an ethereal glowing Ghost nameplate surrounded by ‘stars,’ while the Bespoke Audio system transforms the car into a subwoofer, creating an exceptional sound stage.

Perfection, Evolved

The current Ghost model, retaining only the Spirit of Ecstasy mascot and concealed umbrellas from its predecessor, encapsulates Rolls-Royce’s brand values. It is a minimalist yet highly complex product perfectly in harmony with evolving client needs.

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The Rolls-Royce Boat Tail Timepieces: An Artistic Collaboration With Bovet 1822

Rolls-Royce Boat Tail Timepieces Collaboration With Bovet 1822
The Rolls-Royce Boat Tail Timepieces
The Rolls-Royce Boat Tail Timepieces

“Rolls-Royce Boat Tail is a pure expression of its owners’ interests, influences, and passions, with every detail minutely considered. We have enjoyed working with BOVET 1822 to create a pair of exquisite timepieces that also serve as Boat Tail’s dashboard clocks. In doing so we have together created historically significant items of detail, precision, and beauty. These remarkable objets d’art, unique to the first iteration of Boat Tail, represent the finest examples of the skills and values shared by our two great luxury Houses.”

Torsten Müller-Ötvös, Chief Executive Officer, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars

“I am so proud of the BOVET 1822 team, who worked in tandem with their counterparts at Rolls-Royce to produce something truly spectacular. The owners of the coach-built car, and these bespoke timepieces, are personal friends, as well as valued collectors of BOVET 1822. It was important to do the very best for them – two completely unique pieces that are unlike anything we have ever done before.”

Pascal Raffy, Owner, BOVET 1822


The clock in a Rolls-Royce engine vehicle habitually accepts a gem-like status, regularly turning into material for the customer to recount the account of their bonus in little. For Rolls-Royce Boat Tail, the as of late divulged, first of three, coachbuilt manifestations, in which each component has been made to the proprietors’ accurate details, this notable highlight has been raised to new specialized and tasteful statures.

In a feeling of warm cooperation, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars and Swiss expert watchmakers, BOVET 1822, have made a couple of extraordinary watches for Boat Tail and its proprietors. This aspiring endeavor united planners, engineers, and craftspeople from both extravagance Houses, in a great exhibition of their common upsides of greatness, exactness, legacy, imaginativeness, development, and scrupulousness.

The watches are extraordinary to both the horological and auto universes. Made as a couple – in woman’s and respectable man’s adaptations – they are reversible, and housed in BOVET 1822’s licensed Amadeo case, which permits them to be worn on the wrist, or utilized as a table clock, pendant or pocket-watch, just as being set up front in Boat Tail’s belt as the engine vehicle’s own watch. Both are fitted with tourbillon systems to guarantee amazing precision.


BOVET 1822 at first acquired its standing making extravagance pocket-looks for well off supporters in China; today, it is eminent worldwide for its wonderful watches including hand-painted dials, nitty gritty etching and finely completed apparent systems.

The watches, made for this first emphasis of Boat Tail, have exceptionally planned 18K white gold cases and highlight coordinating with front dials with a similar Caleidolegno facade found on the rearward deck of Boat Tail itself, and are done with the proprietor couples’ names. The noble man’s watch is exceptionally cleaned; the woman’s is resplendently engraved then loaded up with blue veneer.

On the converse side, the dials are more person. The respectable man’s highlights an aventurine dial with the heavenly course of action of the night sky over the spot of his introduction to the world on his introduction to the world date; the woman’s is brightened with a lavish scaled down painting of a rose bouquet on a mother-of-pearl dial. This plan is a customary BOVET 1822 theme, picked by and customized for the proprietor.

Both converse dials have hand-engraved Bespoke figures of Boat Tail, total with wheels, entryway handle, mirrors and other fine subtleties. By working intently together, the groups at Rolls-Royce and BOVET 1822 had the option to accomplish an exact shading match between the veneer on this little masterpiece and the full-size engine vehicle.

Further close participation was needed to guarantee the watches adjusted to the requests of their interesting job as engine vehicle tickers. In watchmaking, weight is infrequently an issue for a mind boggling watch, yet in this example, there was a breaking point on the joined allowable load of the watches and their holders. BOVET 1822 met this prerequisite by making a completely new 44mm white gold case. Moreover, the watches and holders likewise must be tried to car industry principles for vibration and crash wellbeing – something never recently embraced on components of this sort.

At a traditionalist gauge, the watches’ plan, designing, models, little canvas, marquetry, bespoke developments and cases took a sum of 3,000 hours to finish.


At the point when a pocket-watch is left static in one situation for any time allotment, the impact of gravity on key moving parts can disable its precision. Toward the finish of the eighteenth Century, watchmakers tackled this issue by fostering the tourbillon, where the escapement and equilibrium wheel are mounted in an enclosure that gradually rotates, offsetting the gravitational impact. In a wristwatch, the wearer’s normal actual developments decrease the requirement for the tourbillon. In any case, when that equivalent watch is mounted upward in a vehicle dashboard for a long time at a time, the tourbillon genuinely makes its mark.

BOVET 1822 is an expert in winder watches, for which it holds various licenses and has gotten numerous honors including the Aiguille d’Or, watchmaking’s most elevated honor. It is additionally one of the lone organizations in the watch business to make its own twistings and managing organs. To lessen possible effect from the vibration from the vehicle, the tourbillon has rotates as opposed to the customary metal rollers; a heavier equilibrium haggle expanded wavering rate to help exactness. At long last, the tourbillon connect is done with a scaled down Spirit of Ecstasy high quality in gold.

The watches have a surprising five-day power hold, instead of the 42-48 hours of a ‘standard’ watch, to take into account their job as engine vehicle tickers.


The holder instrument is one of a kind to Rolls-Royce Boat Tail and was planned by BOVET 1822 architects and the Rolls-Royce Coachbuild configuration group from a clear piece of paper. Albeit in a Rolls-Royce vibration is normally decreased to a flat-out least – imperceptible vibrations are unavoidably still present. This profoundly perplexing mounting gathering serves to detach the watches from these miniature vibrations. It additionally guarantees they work quietly, are not difficult to mount and eliminate from the dashboard, and, most importantly, stay free from any danger.

These difficulties were not normal for any ordinarily experienced in watchmaking and vehicle make. From the beginning, BOVET 1822 was resolved to follow a simply mechanical methodology with regards to its practice of Swiss carefully assembled creation. The specialists’ creative arrangement was to keep every one of the framework’s moving parts outside, with the dashboard giving a strong setting to the holder. At last, Rolls-Royce guaranteed that when the holder isn’t lodging one of the watches, it tends to be covered with a wonderful engraved and lacquered show plaque. Underneath the clock, the dashboard is fitted with an extraordinary cabinet, fixed with a similar cowhide as Boat Tail’s seats, which fills in as a caring container to house the watches, lashes, chain, and pendant when not being used.


Case Size: Bespoke; measurement – 44mm; thickness – 14mm

Case Type: 18K white gold Fleurier case; BOVET 1822 bow at 12 o’clock; 49 parts

Case Function: Amadeo Convertible System; reversible; pocket watch on chain; pendant watch on jewelry; table clock; dashboard clock

Case Finishing: Men’s watch is high clean completion; Women’s watch is hand-engraved then loaded up with blue veneer

Development: Bespoke 60-second tourbillon; manual-wind; 284 segments (without dial and hands); 21,600 v/h

Capacities: Hours and minutes on the two sides (switch hand-fitting); power save marker on the front

Force Reserve: 5 days

Men’s Front Dial: Hand-made wood marquetry dial; hand-engraved Spirit of Ecstasy design fixed to the tourbillon connect; “A Special Timepiece Commission” on the dial

Ladies’ Front Dial: Hand-made wood marquetry dial; hand-engraved 18K white gold Spirit of Ecstasy form; “A Special Timepiece Commission” on the dial

Men’s Reverse Dial: Blue aventurine glass with sky graph of proprietor’s introduction to the world day and origination; hand-engraved bespoke Boat Tail design, lacquered to coordinate with the shade of the vehicle then smaller than usual painted by hand to add the subtleties; woman’s name engraved on the mirror-cleaned (by hand by the watchmaker) tourbillon connect

Ladies’ Reverse Dial: Miniature hand-painting of a rose bouquet on the mother-of-pearl dial (in light of authentic BOVET 1822 watch, modified); hand-engraved bespoke Boat Tail design, lacquered to coordinate with the shade of the vehicle then scaled down painted by hand to add the subtleties; courteous fellow’s name (engraved on the mirror-cleaned (by hand by the watchmaker) tourbillon connect

Dashboard Holder: Aluminum and Titanium; 51 parts; Engraving of two Rolls-Royce Boat Tails in a white gold case, to coordinate with that of the watches, to put inside when the watch is absent (100% designed, planned, and created in-house by BOVET)

In-vehicle Drawer: to hold watches, lashes, chain, neckband

Autonomous research center accreditation: stun, temperature, moistness, vibration


BMW Group remains world’s Number One premium automotive company

BMW Group remains world’s Number One premium automotive company

BMW Group remains world’s Number One premium automotive company

The BMW Group achieved its best-ever annual sales in 2017, the seventh consecutive year it has achieved a new annual record. This success was spread throughout the company with both BMW and MINI brands achieving new all-time high figures. BMW M and BMW i also achieved record sales, as did BMW Motorrad. With this sales result, the BMW Group reconfirms its position as the world’s leading premium automotive company.

Record sales for BMW
The company’s core BMW brand achieved a new all-time sales high, growing sales by 4.2% across the year, to total 2,088,283. BMW X vehicles continued to be significant growth drivers with sales of X vehicles up 9.6% compared to the previous year, despite limited availability of the BMW X3 due to the introduction of the new generation in November. The BMW 5 Series limousine, which underwent a model change during 2017, achieved growth of 55.2% (30,359) in December, with sales of the world’s leading premium business sedan up 6.3% (291,856) in the full year. Other models which contributed to the brand’s growth in 2017 include the BMW 1 Series (201,968 / +14.7%), and the BMW 7 Series (64,311 / +4.5%).

“We are delighted with these new record sales figures, which mean the BMW Group, with its three premium automotive brands BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce, remains the world’s leading premium automotive company,” commented Ian Robertson, until 31 December 2017 BMW AG board member responsible for Sales and Brand BMW. “We have continued to increase sales despite headwinds in some major markets and model-changeovers of several of our most significant vehicles. This demonstrates the high desirability of our brands and products, ranging from the i3 to the M5 and from the BMW 1 Series to the BMW 7 Series. We clearly achieved our target of selling over 100,000 electrified vehicles in a single calendar year and are delighted that, following its model changeover, the BMW 5 Series returned to its position as segment leader in the final months of 2017,” Robertson continued.

Pieter Nota, who on 1 January 2018 succeeded Robertson on the board of BMW AG, added “I am confident BMW sales will continue to grow during 2018, while we also maintain our focus on profitability. Increased availability of BMW X models and our ongoing model offensive, which includes the launches of brand new models this year such as the BMW X2 and the BMW 8 Series, will ensure we bring even more customers to the BMW brand in 2018.”

Target exceeded: over 100,000 electrified vehicles sold in 2017. BMW Group’s leading role in premium electro-mobility confirmed
In December, the BMW Group celebrated delivery of the 100,000th electrified vehicle sold in 2017. In total, 103,080 electrified vehicles were delivered to customers during the year; this increase of 65.6% underscores the company’s leading position in electro-mobility. The BMW Group sold more electrified vehicles in Europe than any other premium manufacturer in 2017 and the company’s position on the world market is also extremely strong. Four years after its launch, sales of the BMW i3 grew in 2017 by 23.3% to total 31,482 worldwide. The plug-in hybrid BMW iPerformance vehicles also continue to grow in popularity, with sales almost doubling to total 63,605. Launched in June 2017, the MINI Countryman plug-in hybrid also made a significant contribution to boosting the BMW Group’s electrified sales, with a total of 5,799 delivered to customers around the world. The BMW Group is expecting strong double-digit growth in electrified vehicle sales in 2018. By the end of 2019, the company aims to have at least half a million electrified BMW Group vehicles on the road.

Powerful growth at BMW M GmbH
BMW’s high-performance BMW M vehicles achieved record sales in 2017. Deliveries of BMW M and BMW M Performance vehicles increased by 19.1% compared to the previous year, with overall sales topping 80,000 for the first time ever. In its first full year on the market, the BMW M2 (fuel consumption combined: 8.5-7.9 l/100 km; CO2 emissions combined: 199-185 g/km. Fuel consumption and CO2 figures were calculated as per the EU test cycle and may vary depending on the tyre format.) was the strongest growth driver, with total sales of 12,293. The BMW M Performance variants of the new BMW 5 Series also contributed strongly to the increase in sales. With the launch of the new BMW M5 in in the spring, BMW M’s powerful success story looks set to continue in 2018.

All-time-best sales figures for MINI
The MINI brand overall achieved a new sales record in 2017 with 371,881 vehicles delivered to customers around the world, an increase of 3.2% on the previous year. The new MINI Countryman saw a jump in sales of 30.0% (84,441). Another significant contributor to the brand’s sales success was the MINI Convertible, which grew sales 12.0% (33,317). “We are delighted that with our new brand strategy, we have achieved a new sales record. The focus of the MINI portfolio on fewer but more characterful models was completed with the launch of the new MINI Countryman last year,” stated Peter Schwarzenbauer, Member of the BMW AG Board of Management responsible for MINI, Rolls-Royce, BMW Motorrad. “The Countryman contributed significantly to MINI’s growth in 2017 and the first MINI plug-in hybrid also achieved excellent results. I am sure that this success will continue into 2018, with the launch from March of the new MINI 3 and 5 door, as well as the MINI Convertible, supporting the brand’s further growth,” he continued.

The Goodwood-based luxury house delivered 3,362 units (-16.2%) to customers in almost 50 countries during 2017. This result was achieved despite the absence of Phantom from the market due to model-changeover and against a backdrop of unsettled market conditions in the important Middle East market. New Phantom was unveiled in July to unprecedented worldwide acclaim by media and prospective customers alike and has a strong order book. First customer Phantoms are due to be delivered in January 2018.

BMW Motorrad
BMW Motorrad achieved a seventh consecutive record year, with more motorcycles and maxi-scooters delivered to customers than ever before. Sales across the range increased by 13.2% with a total of 164,153 units delivered worldwide – the ever- popular GS models were particularly strong growth drivers. A total of 14 new and updated models in the range, including additions to the R nineT family and the attractively priced G 310 R and G 310 GS also helped drive BMW Motorrad to its most successful sales year ever.

BMW & MINI sales in the markets / regions at a glance
The BMW Group maintains its focus on balanced sales around the world.

  • Asia was the company’s main growth driver in 2017 with China the most significant contributor. BMW and MINI sales in Mainland China, the company’s largest market, increased by 15.1% (594,388) in 2017. This increase was achieved despite the model changeover of the BMW 5 Series.
  • Europe maintained sales of BMW and MINI vehicles at the same extremely high level as the previous year, with a total of 1,100,975 (+0.9%) vehicles delivered to customers in the region, despite significant headwinds in the important UK market.
  • The Americas recorded a slight decrease in deliveries across the whole year (450,020/-2.0%) with the limited availability of BMW X models impacting on sales.


Rolls-royce Ghost Extended Wheelbase Awarded Best Super-luxury Car By What Car? Magazine

Rolls-royce Ghost Extended Wheelbase Awarded Best Super-luxury Car By What Car? Magazine

Rolls-royce Ghost Extended Wheelbase Awarded Best Super-luxury Car By What Car? Magazine

A panel of highly-esteemed judges from What Car? magazine has once again declared the Rolls-Royce Ghost the best super-luxury car in the world in its most prestigious class: luxury cars over £100,000.

In awarding Ghost Extended Wheelbase the What Car? honour, judges celebrated the motor car’s peerless duality, which combines vibrant driving dynamics with a near-silent and truly cocooning passenger suite.

“If money is no object, then treat yourself to the Ghost’s almost ethereal quietness, storming V12 engine and seats which are the most comfortable you’re likely to find in any car.”

Torsten Müller-Ötvös, Chief Executive, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, said, “Recognition of Ghost Extended Wheelbase by What Car? further strengthens its standing as the highly-successful entrepreneur’s choice of motor car. Ghost continues to stand for a contemporary and more informal manifestation of the brand and, as such, has become the unequivocal choice of pioneers and tastemakers as they ascend through their fields.”

Ghost Extended Wheelbase’s marriage of the very latest technology and contemporary design has become the consummate motor car for entrepreneurs since its launch in 2011. Maximising the indulgent proportions of an Extended Wheelbase, this new generation of highly-successful and influential young people continue to challenge the Bespoke artisans at the Home of Rolls-Royce in Goodwood, England, to interpret the marque in their own image. In 2016, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars presented a transformative moment in luxury with the introduction of the Black Badge series.This darker design expression and more urgent engineering treatment of Ghost was a truly Bespoke response to a new breed of highly creative and dynamic patrons of luxury.

This honour, and true measure of success in the automotive world, is reflected with sustained customer demand. It also follows numerous plaudits for Rolls-Royce in recent months as New Phantom retains the title of “Best Car in the World”, continuing to earn praise from the world’s most prestigious and discerning critics, including statements that Phantom “Is the pinnacle, the epitome, of motoring luxury” (Autocar), “An all-new version of the finest car in the world” (The Independent), “Has changed what a car can be” (GQ) as well receiving ‘Best Luxury Car’ at the UK Car of the Year Awards and Top Gear Magazine’s ‘Luxury Car of the Year’.


Rolls-royce Motor Cars 2017: The Year Of Bespoke

Rolls-royce Motor Cars 2017: The Year Of Bespoke

Rolls-royce Motor Cars 2017: The Year Of Bespoke

The Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Bespoke department is an extraordinary collective of designers, engineers and craftspeople, who bring the marque’s discerning and influential patrons’ most ambitious and personal visions to reality.

Today, almost every motor car that leaves the Home of Rolls-Royce in Goodwood, England, is Bespoke. 2017 was the year that Rolls-Royce elevated Bespoke to unprecedented new levels, resulting in one of the most significant years for Bespoke in the 114-year history of the brand. What follows is a snapshot of some of the finest examples of Bespoke design and craftsmanship to be completed by the luxury house over the past 12 months.

Rolls-Royce ‘Sweptail’, the realisation of one customer’s coachbuilt dream. Premiered in 2017, ‘Sweptail’ is a compelling representation of true luxury, taking Bespoke coachbuild personalisation to new heights. The result of a collaboration between patron and artisan, ‘Sweptail’s’ bold design embraces the marque’s heritage as the world’s leading coachbuilder whilst reaffirming its pinnacle position in Bespoke personalisation.

This automotive equivalent of Haute Couture draws on the lineage of 1920s and 1930s Rolls-Royce motor cars. The client’s vision was for a coachbuilt two seater coupé featuring a large panoramic glass roof. The result is a contemporary masterpiece.

The grille, milled from solid aluminium, presents a distinct formality. The side profile of ‘Sweptail’ defines its stately character, whilst the rear taper of the motor car pays homage to the world of racing yachts, shaping a completely new perception of a dramatic Rolls-Royce coupé.The elegant and characterising rear culminates in the registration number 08, milled from ingots of aluminium and hand polished to a mirror finish.

‘Sweptail’ is a personal, Bespoke, motor car like no other.

New Phantom and ‘The Gallery’ – An Art Gallery on Wheels

New Rolls-Royce Phantom was unveiled to global critical acclaim in 2017. At the heart of the motor car’s design aesthetic is ‘The Gallery’, a contemporary and luxury reinterpretation of a motor car’s dashboard and instrument panel.

An application of glass runs uninterrupted across the fascia providing an unprecedented opportunity to present artwork, within your motor car. ‘The Gallery’ is an innovation that furthers Rolls-Royce’s unparalleled Bespoke vision and mastery of materials and craft.

Dawn and Wraith at Porto Cervo

Two unique motor cars were created in honour of the 2017 Rolls-Royce Summer Studio, Porto Cervo, Sardinia. A Bespoke Dawn Drophead Coupé and a Wraith Black Badge were commissioned to encapsulate the essence of this beguiling island.

Dawn adopted a nautical theme, evoking emotions of a languid Mediterranean sojourn. The Porto Cervo motif, encrusted with genuine Sapphires and Mother of Pearl, is embedded into the front facia of the motor car. The navy blue and arctic white hues complement an expanse of teak, including the decking and floor.

The Porto Cervo Wraith playfully emulates Sardinia’s night time ambience. A two-tone Diamond Black exterior is contrasted with gloss and matt paint applications, while black woven leather door panniers infer Wraith Black Badge’s dark and complex character, under the night sky.

‘Spirit of Calligraphy’ Ghost

A special one-off commission unveiled in Dubai in 2017, the Bespoke ‘Spirit of Calligraphy’ Ghost draws its design inspiration from the ancient art of Arabic calligraphy. Words are harmoniously moulded into shapes, creating a unique effect where texts and images become one. Sir Henry Royce’s resonant words “Take the best that exists and make it better. When it does not exist, design it”, in their Arabic form are shaped into Rolls-Royce’s flying mascot, the Spirit of Ecstasy. The calligraphy motif, created by renowned artist Khaled Al Saai, features as a silver inlay on the centre panel and as embroidery on the rear centre seat, amidst an eye-catching array of Turchese, Black and Arctic White leathers.


Commissioned for an individual collector, the Ghost ‘Elegance’ raised the bar of Bespoke by becoming the first Rolls-Royce to be finished in a paint infused with diamonds. The flanks of the motor car are highlighted with Mugello Red and Black twin coachlines, reflected inside with black leather seats and accents in Mugello Red, carried through stitching on the doors and piping on the seats. The detailed fascia of smooth open-pore Tudor Oak veneer is also complemented with a Mugello Red single stitch along the top of the dashboard, and finished with a Bespoke clock.

‘Dawn in Fuxia’

In 2017, US collector Michael Fux was presented with his tenth Bespoke model from Rolls-Royce Motor Cars. Following a visit to Pebble Beach in 2016, where he collected a cluster of eye-catching fuchsia petals, he challenged the Bespoke team at Goodwood with a commission to bring a striking new colour to Dawn. Subsequently unveiled during The Quail automotive gathering in California, the vibrant ‘Dawn in Fuxia’ represents the addition of another unique hue to the Rolls-Royce Colour Collection, and is reserved exclusively for Mr. Fux to use. His most recent commission is his second Dawn, having collected the first – in one-off ‘Fux Blue’ – in 2016. Reminiscent of that car, the interior of ‘Dawn in Fuxia’ is trimmed in stunning Arctic White leather.

‘Dawn B50’ for Hotel Byblos

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Hotel Byblos in Saint-Tropez in 2017, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars revealed the ‘Dawn B50’, a highly Bespoke and unique motor car inspired by the warmth and vibrancy of the Côte d’Azur. Commissioned by the Hotel Byblos as the automotive ‘Jewel of Saint-Tropez’, the Dawn B50 exudes two dominant exterior colours. The lustrous combination was developed exclusively to celebrate the hotel’s anniversary, along with bespoke door treadplates and a unique hand-painted coachline on each side bearing the ‘B50’ logo. The sophisticated interior takes inspiration from the intense Mediterranean sun, with vibrant tangerine tones that accentuate the dashboard and echo the stitching across the seat upholstery and floor mats.

Homage to a special Silver Dawn

Prominently displayed at the Home of Rolls-Royce is a remarkably rare 1952 Silver Dawn Drophead Coupé, one of very few ever made. It was sold new to a customer in Canada, and in 2017 a commission for a new Dawn from the same country led to a beautiful homage to this particular car in its 65th anniversary year.

Finished in two-tone Midnight Sapphire and Jubilee Silver, the new Dawn closely emulates the original finishes of the 1952 motor car, with a Bespoke painted coachline, broken for the first time on a Rolls-Royce. Inside, Selby Grey and Navy leather are combined with Crossbanded Walnut Burr veneer, closely matched to the original. The finishing touches include a Bespoke clock with ‘1952’ lettering and a Spirit of Ecstasy veneer inlay.

Inspiration from South Korea

The ‘Bespoke Collection for Korea’ unveiled at the British Embassy in Seoul, embraced the aesthetic heritage of South Korea with a contemporary flare. The Ghost Seoul Edition reflects colours that grace the country’s Taegukgi national flag, finished in bright Andalusian White with a twin coachline in Cobalto Blue and Mugello Red – along with a hand-painted Bespoke motif that captures the silhouette of the iconic Namsan Seoul Tower. Inside, the black leather is complemented by contrasting bands in Arctic White, as well as blue and red highlights for stitching and piping.

The ‘Wraith Busan Edition’ is inspired by the hues of the coastal city of the same name, with a two-tone exterior in Royal Blue and Jubilee Silver that conjures up the shimmer of the surrounding sea. The rear pillar motif echoes the delicate latticework of traditional Korean ‘hanok’ screen doors, and is also carried inside the car across the dashboard. Emulating the dusk sky across nearby mountain ranges, a single coachline in Blushing Pink draws attention to the shoulder line. The colour is also applied to the seat stitching, instrument panel and ‘RR’ headrest monograms inside, as the final flourish to the Selby Grey and Cobalto Blue upholstery.