Volkswagen R: New dealership concept

New dealership concept Volkswagen R
New dealership concept Volkswagen R
Left: Tobias Ringmeier, VKL Volkswagen Autohaus Lehrte. Right: Peter Jost, Head of Sales and Marketing Volkswagen R.

Incredible and fearless – Volkswagen’s exceptional exhibition brand features itself at vendors with a free and expressive feature show.

With perfect timing to praise the conveyance of the 250,000th R model in Switzerland, Volkswagen R is exhibiting itself at vendors with a selective item feature show. Dull surfaces and great subtleties make a superior air and highlight the brand’s selective character.

Request requests before long started to pour in from all pieces of the world after the show was presented and will be prepared bit by bit by “R-prepared” vendors. The main feature show was set up at Volkswagen Automobile Hannover in Lehrte and got new style to the display area the interaction. Tobias Ringmeier, Sales Manager at Volkswagen Automobile Hannover, is glad for turning into the main vendor accomplice to set up the Volkswagen R feature show.

“For the Volkswagen R, we are drawing on the momentum being generated by our product offensive by offering a new and attractive R highlight platform that can be ordered by every VW dealer around the world,” said Peter Jost, the Head of Sales and Marketing Volkswagen R. “This will significantly raise customers’ awareness level of the R brand.”