Alfa Romeo’s Dynamic Revamp: New Trims, Enhanced Features, and Unbeatable Prices Across the Tonale, Giulia, and Stelvio Range

Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo Elevates Excellence: Unveiling Enhanced Trims, Upgraded Features, and Unmatched Affordability Across the Tonale, Giulia, and Stelvio Lineup

Alfa Romeo has redefined its offerings with a refreshed lineup, introducing revamped trims and pricing for the Tonale, Giulia, and Stelvio models. The updated trim selection now includes Sprint, Veloce, and the striking Tributo Italiano variants, promising an even more compelling value proposition. Notably, the all-new Tributo Italiano pays homage to Alfa Romeo’s roots, embodying Italian excellence and the brand’s signature sportiness.

Tonale enthusiasts will welcome the introduction of the Sprint trim, replacing the previous TI version and boasting sportier aesthetic enhancements. With features like black inserts on the body kit, skid plate, and a dark Miron scudetto front grille, the Tonale Sprint offers a bold and stylish presence. Additionally, this variant introduces a highly durable, lightweight wearable key that is water-resistant up to 15 meters.

Priced competitively at £35,995 OTR for the 1.5-litre MHEV 160 DCT version, the Tonale Sprint not only provides an enticing entry point but also offers customers a £1,525 saving on the MHEV Veloce version. Veloce variants, on the other hand, receive an enhanced specification, featuring heated leather seats with lumbar adjustment, a heated steering wheel, and ambient dash lighting.

The pinnacle of style and tribute, the Tributo Italiano models are exclusively available in the three colors of the Italian flag. With exterior stylistic additions and interior changes, including new perforated leather seats with red accents, these models represent the epitome of sophistication.

Giulia and Stelvio models see upgrades in safety technology, including Driver Attention Alert (DAA) and Traffic Sign Recognition (TSR) on Veloce versions. Sprint trim introduces new black cloth seats for Giulia, while Veloce variants gain standard dark-tinted rear windows and red-painted brake calipers.

Alfa Romeo

What’s more, customers can enjoy substantial savings with Giulia Sprint and Veloce variants, benefiting from £3,264 and £2,764 in savings, respectively. Stelvio customers can also seize significant savings, with up to £1,845 off Petrol Sprint variants and £1,345 off Petrol Veloce variants.

The revamped Alfa Romeo models are competitively priced and promise an exhilarating driving experience, blending style, performance, and affordability seamlessly.

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2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia Named IIHS Top Safety Pick+

2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia Named IIHS Top Safety Pick+

2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia Named IIHS Top Safety Pick+

In its inaugural model year, the 2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia mid-size premium sedan earns a 2017 Top Safety Pick+ (TSP+) rating** from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS).

“The Giulia represents the height of Alfa Romeo engineering and technology so no effort was spared when it came to the vehicle’s performance and safety features,” said Reid Bigland, Head of Alfa Romeo. “We’re honored to receive this award from IIHS as it shows our commitment to creating state-of-the-art vehicles.”

The TSP+ designation is contingent upon achieving ratings of “good” in five IIHS crashworthiness evaluations. The 2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia achieves “good” – the highest possible rating – in each.

To achieve the 2017 TSP+ designation, vehicles must also perform well in IIHS’ Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) system and Headlamp evaluations. The Giulia achieved a rating of “superior,” the highest possible rating for AEB, as well as a “good” rating for headlamps, which is also the highest rating.

Safety and Security
The all-new Alfa Romeo Giulia offers innovative safety and security features and leverages state-of-the-art driver-assist features. The latest Alfa Romeo premium mid-size sedan offers driver-assistance features that include:

  • Full-speed Forward Collision Warning – Plus with Full Stop: provides autonomous braking and, under certain circumstances, slows or brings the vehicle to a full stop when a frontal collision is imminent
  • Adaptive Cruise Control – Plus with Full Stop: helps to maintain distance from the vehicle ahead and, under certain traffic conditions, the system can bring the Giulia to a full stop without driver intervention and resume driving once the vehicle ahead has moved forward
  • Lane Departure Warning: alerts the driver of an inadvertent lane departure

To assist the driver both on the road and in parking situations, Blind-spot Monitoring, Rear Cross Path detection and front- and rear-park assist sensors are offered on Giulia.

In addition, the Alfa Romeo Giulia features advanced multistage driver and front-passenger air bags; driver and front-passenger seat-mounted side air bags (pelvic-thorax); front and rear side curtain air bags; and driver and front-passenger inflatable knee air bags.

** The TSP+ designation applies to any 2017 model-year Alfa Romeo Giulia produced after May 2017 equipped with Forward Collision Warning-Plus – an option at only $500 MSRP – and bi-xenon projector headlamps (35W) featuring adaptive forward lighting and auto-leveling.


Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio Claims Title of World’s Fastest Production SUV with Record Nürburgring Lap Time

Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio Claims Title of World’s Fastest Production SUV with Record Nürburgring Lap Time

Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio Claims Title of World’s Fastest Production SUV with Record Nürburgring Lap Time

Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio has claimed the title of world’s fastest production SUV, setting a new benchmark lap time at Germany’s legendary Nürburgring: it is just the most recent achievement in the racing tradition of the Quadrifoglio and in over one century of Alfa Romeo history.

A Stelvio Quadrifoglio lapped the 12.9-mile Nordschleife (north loop) in a record 7 minutes 51.7 seconds. This new benchmark time is a full eight seconds faster than the previous production SUV record.

The Stelvio Quadrifoglio record was established by Fabio Francia, the same driver who also set the track record for the fastest four-door sedan in the world on the Nürburgring with the Giulia Quadrifoglio in a time of just 7 minutes and 32 seconds. The first SUV in the over one-century-long history of the brand embodies the most authentic Alfa Romeo spirit: distinctive Italian style, state-of-the-art and innovative engines, perfect weight distribution, unique technical solutions and excellent weight-to-power ratio.

Infused with Italian passion, craftsmanship and innovation, the all-new Alfa Romeo Stelvio is designed to conquer the winding road for which it is named.

The Stelvio Quadrifoglio extensively integrates lightweight, state-of-the-art materials that enable and deliver perfect 50/50 weight distribution, segment-leading torsional rigidity, class-exclusive carbon fiber driveshaft and the most direct steering available.

The heart and soul of this ultra-high performance SUV is an all-aluminum, direct-injection 2.9-liter 24-valve Twin-Turbo intercooled V6 engine, delivering 510 horsepower and 443 lb.-ft. of torque, to which the standard Q4 all-wheel-drive system is paired for the first time. The engine is paired to an eight-speed automatic transmission with specific settings for shifting in just 150 milliseconds in Race mode.

The Stelvio Quadrifoglio achieves the most horsepower per liter in its class.

Designed to enhance the all-new lightweight Alfa Romeo architecture, the all-aluminum 2.9-liter V-6 Twin-Turbo engine features a compact 90-degree layout and was holistically designed for a low center of gravity within the chassis.

Advanced technology features unique to the Stelvio Quadrifoglio include a four-mode Alfa DNA Pro selector with Race mode, torque vectoring differential, Quadrifoglio-tuned adaptive suspension and cylinder deactivation system to maximize fuel efficiency.


Alfa Romeo Giulia – A Convergence of Engineering and Emotion

Alfa Romeo Giulia - A Convergence of Engineering and Emotion

Alfa Romeo Giulia - A Convergence of Engineering and Emotion


In the crowded market of sports sedans, Giulia has an ace up its sleeve. The allure begins with the distinctive Alfa Romeo “Trilobe” shield grille and is enhanced through elegant lines, a proportional design and harmonious elements.

Optimally balanced weight distribution paired with a rear-wheel drive layout delivers a truly exhilarating driving experience. This new breed of premium sports sedan will prove that it knows how to redefine the standards of the game.


For over 105 years, Alfa Romeo has inspired greatness on and off the track. True to its racing heritage, the Alfa Romeo history is based on excellence and legendary victories. From avant-garde technology and record-breaking performances to stylistic elegance and fine Italian craftsmanship, Alfa Romeo’s résumé leaves nothing to desire. Now, Alfa Romeo is returning to its roots with a world-class sports sedan designed to perform.


Underneath the studied mix of leading-edge technology and expert engineering, every detail of the Alfa Romeo Giulia is intended to stir emotions. It’s a unique approach to designing automobiles that has been part of Alfa Romeo’s innovative heritage for more than a century. The Giulia is no exception. Featuring high-strength composite materials and advanced engine technology, this powerful sports sedan is ready for whatever life throws its way.

Rotary Controller
Today’s Giulia communicates instantly with a high definition 6.5-inch or 8.8-inch integrated widescreen Information and Entertainment System. The centrally located Rotary controller is just one of the many components designed to enhance the overall vehicle experience. Located on the center console for increased accessibility, it controls the dash-mounted Information and Entertainment System with the twist of a hand.

Carbon Fiber Drive Shaft
A class-exclusive3 feature of the all-new Giulia is its carbon fiber drive shaft, which significantly reduces the vehicle weight without sacrificing performance, helping the Giulia optimize its near perfect weight distribution.

Bi-Xenon Headlamps
Thanks to its high-definition lighting system, the Giulia is designed to help ensure that every road, turn and obstacle is clearly visible. Illuminating the way is a pair of standard Bi-Xenon Headlamps with signature LED Daytime Running Lights, which are complemented by LED tail lamps that exude its highly competitive nature with a furrowed expression and laser-sharp focus.


The Giulia delivers confidence-backed performance thanks to its advanced rear-wheel drive technology. Offering more grip during acceleration and on corners, Alfa Romeo’s rear-wheel drive optimizes the overall force for better handling at high speeds. For even greater control, the innovative Q4 AWD system provides the same commanding approach with all season traction and optimizes performance by transferring up to 60 percent of its engine’s torque to the front axle.

Linked to the Chassis Domain Control and the driver-adjustable Alfa DNA Drive Mode Selector, the system continuously monitors road conditions to ensure ideal torque distribution in any situation. After all, better traction lets you explore life’s every curve without worrying about road and weather conditions.


With a no compromise approach to engineering, Alfa Romeo introduces a vehicle with lightness, structural stiffness, efficiency and performance. The Alfa Romeo architecture combines a longitudinal engine design with rear or all-wheel drive, and a weight distribution that is carefully managed to obtain optimized distribution across the front and rear axles.

Thanks to its dynamic Alfa Active Suspension system, which adjusts the suspension response depending on the driving mode and road conditions, road grip and performance are optimized even in the most challenging conditions If unwavering agility and handing are rooted in balance, the Giulia has them in spades.


The construction of the Alfa Romeo Giulia is expertly and artfully assembled at a newly renovated, world-class sustainable plant located in Cassino, Italy. This high-tech environment uses World Class Manufacturing processes with a special emphasis on innovation, precision, energy efficiencies, teamwork and engagement.

This level of excellence extends to cutting-edge techniques such as dry-scrubbing, a paint shop process that uses zero water and zero added chemicals. Individual work stations are created with the highest ergonomic standards and the assembly line is built around people, creating an operation that is as finely tuned as an orchestra. You can be sure that each and every Giulia is crafted with artisan care.


With an unmistakable elegance, the aerodynamic lines and race inspired stance of the Giulia are a mix of pure power and ingenuity. Yet beneath all this beauty lie carefully selected materials that ensure its optimal weight distribution. It’s a calculated harmony of engineering that fuels responsiveness and stirs emotions, within a groundbreaking sports sedan that only Alfa Romeo could have designed.

As a defining touch to its distinctly Italian design, the celebrated central shield and air-intakes are sculpted within the front fascia to form the signature Trilobo, an Alfa Romeo design staple. Finally, top down personalization elements are yet another way drivers can take their Alfa Romeo experience to a higher level.


Sometimes, breaking with convention requires the passion to dream and the skill to obtain it. It means exploring new frontiers in search of excellence. It results in the birth of a masterpiece. Enter the Giulia; the first Alfa Romeo in which power and lightness coexist as two faces of the same coin.

With near-perfect balance and a calculated combination of ultralight materials, including carbon fiber, aluminum and high-strength composite materials, this Italian sports sedan ups the ante on class-leading performance.


The Giulia is the result of asking the world’s most talented automotive designers to create a sports car that fully responds to every driver’s needs. Armed with the freedom to impress likeminded enthusiasts, they started by compiling a comprehensive “wish list” of features. A true original, every aspect of the Alfa Romeo Giulia has been designed to put the driver in his element and driving pleasure to the test.


Alfa Romeo’s commitment to vehicle safety extends to the Giulia’s advanced safety and security features designed to help keep the driver and passengers out of harm’s way.

Standard Backup Camera with Rear Park Sensors
The Giulia is equipped with a standard rear-mounted back-up camera and parking sensor – complete with dynamic gridlines –for enhanced visibility when parking or simply backing out of a driveway

Integrated Brake System
Every Giulia is fitted with an innovative electromechanical braking system that reduces braking distances and optimizes brake pedal pressure to increase the feeling of vehicle control.

Forward Collision Warning Plus (AEB)
Available FCW+ detects if your vehicle is approaching another vehicle too rapidly. It assists you by providing both audible and visual warnings as well as applying the brakes if needed.



Alfa Romeo 4C Coupe

Alfa Romeo 4C Coupe

DNA System With Race Mode

Alfa Romeo 4C Coupe is designed around the driver. Overall performance is superbly enhanced with numerous features designed to hone and improve each trip. Four-mode Alfa DNA gives drivers the ability to create a customized vehicle experience according to driving conditions or desired vehicle responsiveness. Choose from its Dynamic, Natural, All-Weather or Race modes which make changes in throttle response, shifting speeds and traction control for a driving experience tailored to any situation.

Lightweight Strength

Natural elements make up the most high-tech materials in automotive engineering. The monocoque of the 4C Coupe is a single Carbon Fiber body similar to that of a supercar, while its crankcase and its front and rear frames combine the strength, rigidity and lightweight properties of aluminum. Sheet Molded Compound (SMC) is used for the outer body and is 20% lighter and more stable than steel — and also resists corrosion.

Twin Clutch Transmission With Launch Control

The 4C Coupe is equipped with an Alfa TCT 6-speed automatic transmission with a twin clutch and paddle shifters, a solution that combines the instant power of a sequential shift with all the convenience of an automatic. Pressing the brake pedal while fully pushing the accelerator pedal and triggering the left paddle on the steering wheel activates Launch Control. The moment the brake pedal is released, the system automatically controls the transmission, traction and power to maximize acceleration.

Race-Inspired Performance

At the heart of a 4C Coupe is a 237 hp, 258 lb-ft torque turbocharged inline 4, with a top speed of 160 mph and a weight-to-power ratio of 10.4 lbs/hp. A figure that not only promises genuine supercar agility and performance—it delivers.

Supercar Agility

The success Alfa Romeo has enjoyed over the years can be attributed to our long dedication to making the most efficient use of both power and weight. This challenge underlies the design of every component of the car. The latest outcome is amazing: a curb weight of under 2,500 lbs propelled by 237 hp, giving a weight-to-power ratio of 10.4:1.

Advanced Control

A combination of sport suspensions, self-ventilated brake discs and different-diameter tires: the 4C Coupe boasts an advanced ride control system, giving every driver extra street smarts. The braking system is designed for high-performance racetrack use. The perforated, self-ventilated front discs and Brembo calipers offer supreme stopping power.

A Culture Of Style

The 4C Coupe continues an Alfa Romeo tradition of performance-oriented lines and proportions. Inspired by the 1967 33 Stradale, considered by many as one of the most beautiful cars ever made, the 4C Coupe is just as shapely, and offers the classic Alfa Romeo V-shaped “plunging neckline” front grille. Front and rear overhangs are dramatically short, and dimensions are aerodynamically and dynamically optimized.

Driver-Centric Design

While the Alfa Romeo 4C Coupe exterior strongly hints at the gripping performance experience that lies ahead, getting behind the wheel will confirm even the highest of expectations. This is an interior that takes into account every aspect of driver needs, putting innovative, vital controls within easy reach. This is the kind of sports car that works with you to produce the most thrilling ride possible.