Powerful Upgrades and Luxe Additions: Unveiling the 2024 Škoda Enyaq Family with Laurin & Klement Trim and Enhanced Features


Škoda Auto is ushering in a new era for its Enyaq family in the 2024 model year, bringing forth a comprehensive array of technical enhancements. Among the notable additions is the introduction of the Laurin & Klement trim line, promising opulent standard features. The powertrain lineup sees the arrival of the 85 and 85x versions, boasting 286 PS (210 kW), while the vRS variants now pack an impressive 340 PS (250 kW).

Optimized battery management, coupled with a new pre-conditioning feature, ensures charging times are reduced to under 30 minutes. Mladá Boleslav, on December 6, 2023 – Škoda Auto is comprehensively updating its Enyaq family for the 2024 model year. For the first time ever, the Czech car maker’s popular battery-electric model is also available with the Laurin & Klement trim line, which boasts lavish standard equipment. The technical upgrades bring even more powerful drivetrains, shorter charging times, and an increased range. In addition, the new vehicle software features a new, more intuitive user interface.

Martin Jahn, Škoda Auto Board Member for Sales and Marketing, says: “Our Enyaq family has helped us kick off electric mobility in style – in the first nine months of 2023 alone, we recorded around 55,000 deliveries worldwide, an increase of more than 47 percent year-on-year. This success also motivates us to consistently improve the model further. We have listened carefully to our customers: in the new model year, we are introducing the new Enyaq L&K trim line, even more powerful and efficient drivetrains and the new software version featuring an infotainment interface that is more functional and intuitive than ever before.”

Empowered Performance and Extended Range:

In the 2024 model year, the Enyaq lineup welcomes the 85 Edition and 85x SportLine Plus, replacing the 80 and 80x versions. Equipped with a more potent drivetrain featuring an advanced permanent synchronous motor on the rear axle, these models achieve a top speed of 111 mph (180 km/h). The Enyaq 85 Edition boasts an 82 PS (60 kW) increase, reaching 286 PS (210 kW), while the Enyaq 85x SportLine Plus matches this power, making it 21 PS (15 kW) more robust than its predecessor. The Enyaq vRS now impresses with an output of 340 PS (250 kW), up by 41 PS (30 kW). Enhanced battery management elevates the range to over 348 miles (560 kilometers) for the Enyaq 85 Edition SUV and over 353 miles (570 kilometers) for the Coupé 85 Edition.

Quick Charging and All-Wheel Drive Performance:

The all-wheel-drive Enyaq 85x SportLine Plus and Enyaq vRS showcase improved charging performance with an increased DC charging rate of up to 175 kW. Charging the high-voltage battery from 10 to 80 percent now takes just 28 minutes, a notable reduction. The Enyaq 85 Edition variants with rear-wheel drive continue to charge at a maximum rate of 135 kW.

Smart Software and User Experience:

The Enyaq family introduces new vehicle software, supporting battery pre-conditioning that optimizes charging speed by up to 22 percent. The interface now boasts a more intuitive menu structure, allowing drivers to define shortcuts for frequently used vehicle settings and apps. The navigation system features new map graphics and a larger map area. Additional software features include a Walkaway function for the KESSY keyless entry system, automatically locking the vehicle when the driver walks away.

Enyaq L&K: The Epitome of Elegance:

Adding to the allure, the Enyaq L&K trim line stands out with exclusive features. Platinum Grey detailing on the aprons, diffuser, and door mirror caps, along with LED Matrix beam headlights and a chrome grille featuring a Crystal Face illuminated by 131 LEDs, showcase its elegance. The interior of the Enyaq L&K boasts electrically controlled, heated, and ventilated front seats with memory and massage functions, adorned with the L&K logo embroidered on the headrests.

Powerful Drivetrain Enhancements:

Škoda Auto has not only increased power, driving performance, and maximum range but has also introduced a new electric motor on the rear axle for the Enyaq 85 Edition and 85x SportLine Plus variants. This new motor provides up to 82 PS (60 kW) more power and a 235 Nm increase in torque, resulting in improved performance and driving dynamics. The Enyaq 85 Edition now accelerates from 0 to 62 mph in 6.7 seconds, showcasing a substantial two-second improvement. The Enyaq vRS, with an output of 340 PS (250 kW), achieves the acceleration in just 5.5 seconds.

Enhanced Software for Added Features:

The latest software version, introduced in all Enyaq models with the 82 kWh battery from November 2023 onwards, brings a host of new features. The infotainment system, head-up display, and Virtual Cockpit align with the new Škoda CI, providing a more seamless user experience. Customization options for quick access buttons, improved navigation maps, and the introduction of a Walkaway function for the Kessy keyless entry system add to the overall convenience and safety.

Johannes Neft, Škoda Auto Board Member for Technical Development, says: “We have thoroughly tested all hardware and software components, and we have carefully revised and further optimized them. The new, more efficient and powerful electric motor for our 2024 Enyaq models brings increased power, more torque, and a longer range.”

Elevating Luxury with Enyaq L&K:

Škoda Enyaq L&K, the most elegant trim line in the Enyaq family, introduces exclusive touches and extensive equipment. Featuring Platinum Grey detailing and 20-inch Asterion alloy wheels as standard, with 21-inch Aquarius wheels available on request, the Enyaq L&K exudes sophistication. The L&K Design Selection offers leather upholstery in Black or Shell, with heated and ventilated seats featuring a massage function. The head-up display with Augmented Reality and the Canton sound system are among the standard features in this luxurious trim.

In summary, Škoda’s 2024 Enyaq family not only pushes the boundaries of electric mobility but also offers a luxurious driving experience with the Laurin & Klement trim, delivering enhanced power, quicker charging, and advanced software features.

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Škoda Superb Next-Gen: A Fusion of Design, Efficiency, and Cutting-Edge Technology

Škoda Superb Next-Gen

Škoda Unveils Next-Gen Superb: A Leap Forward in Design and Technology

Mladá Boleslav, November 2, 2023 – Škoda is proud to introduce the fourth generation of its iconic Superb, setting new standards in design, space, comfort, and technology. The latest iteration, available in both hatch and estate styles, undergoes a refined design evolution, emphasizing a sculptural exterior, enhanced aerodynamics, and cutting-edge features.

Škoda Superb Next-Gen
Škoda Superb Next-Gen

Key Features of the Fourth-Generation Superb:

  1. Sustainable Solutions and Design Selections:
    • The new range structure introduces seven Design Selections, showcasing sustainable solutions such as textiles crafted from 100% sustainable materials.
    • Innovative Škoda Smart Dials and a 13-inch infotainment screen redefine the interior for improved ease of use and a clean, spacious feel.
  2. Optimized Powertrains:
    • Three petrol engines (150 hp to 265 hp) and two diesel options (150 hp and 193 hp) provide diverse choices.
    • Introduction of a new plug-in hybrid powertrain exclusive to the Superb Estate, along with a debut mild-hybrid version.
  3. Innovative Assistance Systems:
    • Debut of Turn Assist and Crossroad Assist, enhancing safety and driving experience.
    • Škoda’s commitment to sustainability extends to powertrains, with optimized efficiency across the range.
  4. Next-Level Interior Concept:
    • Redesigned interior boasts a free-standing 13-inch infotainment screen and Škoda Smart Dials for intuitive functionality.
    • Ergonomic enhancements and sustainable materials underscore Škoda’s commitment to customer-centric design.
  5. Safety and Assistance Systems:
    • Improved safety features, including new-generation LED Matrix beam headlights and DCC Plus.
    • A comprehensive suite of safety and assistance systems for an elevated driving experience.
  6. A Tradition of Excellence:
    • Klaus Zellmer, Chairman of the Board of Škoda Auto, emphasizes the Superb’s enduring status as Škoda’s ICE flagship for over two decades.
    • The Superb’s success story continues with advancements in design, performance, and efficiency.
  7. Exterior Evolution:
    • Contemporary solid design features, enhanced aerodynamics, and a sculpted aesthetic.
    • LED Matrix beam headlights with 40% more light output, defining a distinctive front-end signature.
  8. Dimensional Enhancements:
    • Increases in length and height contribute to more space inside for both drivers and passengers.
    • The estate version offers an impressive total boot capacity of 1,920 liters with rear seats folded down.
  9. Crystallinium Design:
    • The new Crystallinium design enhances the aesthetics of the LED Matrix beam headlights, adding visual appeal.
    • Distinctive C-shaped rear light clusters with optional dynamic turn signals and animated Coming/Leaving Home function.
  10. Škoda’s Vision for the Future:
    • Martin Jahn, Škoda Auto Board Member for Sales and Marketing, emphasizes the Superb’s pivotal role in showcasing Škoda’s technology and design expertise.
    • The fourth-generation Superb aligns with Škoda’s commitment to serving individual customer needs.

With a legacy spanning more than two decades and over 1.6 million units produced, the Superb remains a symbol of Škoda’s commitment to excellence, innovation, and sustainability.

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IAA Premiere: KAROQ’s digital instrument panel

IAA Premiere: KAROQ’s digital instrument panel

IAA Premiere: KAROQ’s digital instrument panel

A first for ŠKODA: a freely programmable digital instrument panel. ŠKODA KAROQ celebrates trade fair premiere at Frankfurt Motor Show, and continues brand’s SUV campaign.

​A customizable technology is celebrating its premiere in the new ŠKODA KAROQ at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Breaking with analogue tradition, this is the first time ŠKODA has installed a digital instrument panel in the cockpit. Four different layouts are available and can be individually programmed. Passengers also have the option of always being online. ŠKODA Connect offers an automatic emergency call function, navigation in real time and remote access to the vehicle. ŠKODA is continuing its SUV campaign with the ŠKODA KAROQ. The compact SUV can now be ordered in two equipment variants with a choice of five engines.

For the first time, a ŠKODA can be customized with a digital instrument panel. In the ŠKODA KAROQ, four different layouts are available that can be modified as desired: “Classic”, “Digital”, “Infoprofile” and “Reduced”. These four layouts provide the framework for the notifications, and the driver can scroll through the interactive display of the Modular Infotainment Matrix (MIB) to set which notifications appear in which area of the panel and their sizes. Information on the audio system, phone, assistance systems (Lane Assist, Front Assist, etc.) and vehicle status can also be set to appear on the right, left, or in the centre.

The following layout variants can be set in the digital instrument panel:

The classic layout presents both the tachometer and the speedometer as round instruments to the right and left of the display. The area between can be configured – for example with a display of the current entertainment programme or navigation map, which also has a zoom function.

The digital layout has a main display covering the entire width of the panel – for example with the current entertainment program or navigation map. Above and below, there is still space for small digital displays, for instance, for the current speed, gear recommendation, traffic sign recognition, distance remaining, distance to the next turn on the programmed route or the distance remaining to the destination.

The info profile layout has a large display in the centre, which can display the navigation map, among other things. Additional information can be placed to the left, right, and above the map. The driver may choose to display the current speed, a navigation display with pictograms, gear selection, traffic sign detection (e.g. speed limits, overtaking ban) or total driving time.

The reduced layout shows two large displays – such as the current speed and the distance remaining. Additional basic information can be displayed at the top and bottom of the display. If the route guidance is activated, the navigation arrow will be displayed in the centre.

The ŠKODA KAROQ continues the brand’s SUV campaign, and is now available to order. Two equipment variants are available with Ambition and Style. Customers can also choose between two petrol and three diesel engines. In addition, passengers in the ŠKODA KAROQ have the option of always being online. ŠKODA Connect automatically calls for assistance in the event of an emergency, allows remote access to the vehicle and, if necessary, provides alternative route recommendations.

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ŠKODA Design creates TdF winner trophies

ŠKODA Design creates TdF winner trophies

ŠKODA Design creates TdF winner trophies

Winners receive exclusive crystal sculptures ‘created by ŠKODA Design’, electric vehicle study ŠKODA VISION E served as inspiration.

The winner trophies for this year’s Tour de France have been created by ŠKODA Design. As in previous years, the brand’s experts have designed the glass cups, which the winners of the classic cycling event will be lifting into the Parisian sky on 23 July. The four sculptures are an expression of the finest Czech glass art. The design of the ŠKODA VISION E served as a source of inspiration in their design. In addition, this is the 14th time ŠKODA has been the official partner of the Tour de France. The brand also sponsors the Green Jersey for best sprinter.

3540 kilometres, 21 stages, three challenging mountaintop finishes:
This year’s Tour de France will once again live up to its reputation as the world’s toughest cycling race. The winners are all professionals who cross the Champs-Élysées finish line on 23 July after the three-week tour. This is followed by the traditional highlight at the end of the cycling classic: the winners of the four individual rankings receive the coveted glass cups during the official prize-giving ceremony. Next to the overall winner in the Yellow Jersey, the winner of the points ranking in Green, the most successful young pro in White as well as the winner of the Dotted mountain Jersey will be celebrating in front of millions of fans. After the finish, ŠKODA CEO Bernhard Maier will present the best sprinter with a trophy made of green glass to match the Green Jersey.

All the victor sculptures are created by ŠKODA Design, and were produced by the renowned Czech glass manufacturer Lasvit. The experts from this traditional company were again responsible for producing the masterpieces of Czech glass art. While the dimensions of the 60 cm tall, four-kilogram art pieces are always the same, the ŠKODA designers come up with creative new ideas for the surface every year. For this year’s Tour de France, they were inspired by the ŠKODA VISION E. The car manufacturer’s first electric study debuted at the Auto Shanghai in mid-April, giving a brand-specific outlook on the individual mobility of the future. The five-door SUV Coupé drives up to 500 km purely on electric power. It also reaches level 3 for autonomous driving and features an emotive design language, which is characterised by precise edges and dynamic lines. This emotionality is also reflected in the Tour de France Cups that embody a modern interpretation of Czech crystal art. The ŠKODA VISION E also borrows from this traditional craft with numerous design elements such as the headlights.

ŠKODA 14th-time official partner of Tour de France
The 104th Tour de France began on 1 July with the Grand Départ in Dusseldorf. In addition to Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg, the peloton crosses over 3500 kilometres and 34 French départements on their way to Paris. ŠKODA has been supporting the world’s most important cycling event since 2004, and this year, for the 14th time as the official partner and vehicle partner. In total, the brand is providing 250 cars as organization and accompanying vehicles.

The fleet includes the new ŠKODA KODIAQ SUV, the extensively upgraded ŠKODA OCTAVIA and the ŠKODA SUPERB. The traditional Czech brand’s flagship will be leading the field as the ‘Red Car’. The SUPERB saloon, painted in eye-catching corrida-red, features a panoramic glass roof that can be opened at the touch of a button from the second row of seats. This allows Tour Director Christian Prudhomme to stand up and gain an optimal view over the peloton before approving the start of each stage. Numerous other technical features make the SUPERB the ideal mobile control centre for the tour. The saloon receives several radio channels, on which Prudhomme can gather information and relay sporting or safety instructions.

As a special highlight for the premiere stage in Düsseldorf, ŠKODA is using three new ŠKODA KAROQs to accompany the three teams as service vehicles. During the three-week deployment, the ŠKODA fleet will cover around 2.8 million kilometres. Since 2004, the total mileage of the Tour de France amounts to over 30 million kilometres. A ŠKODA service team prepares the 250 vehicles perfectly for the upcoming stage every day. In addition to its involvement as a car partner, ŠKODA is supporting the Tour de France as the sponsor of the Green jersey for the best sprinter for the third time in a row.

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Tour de France: ŠKODA KAROQ inspires the masses

Tour de France: ŠKODA KAROQ inspires the masses

Thousands of viewers witnessed debut of ŠKODA KAROQ at the start of Tour de France in Düsseldorf. New compact SUV starts as service vehicle at the world’s most famous cycling race.

Tens of thousands watched the Grand Départ of the Tour de France on Saturday. The ŠKODA KODIAQ as a service car accompanied three cycling teams: ‘Team Dimension Data’ from South Africa, ‘Team Lotto NL – Jumbo’ from the Netherlands and ‘Lotto Soudal’ from Belgium in the 14-kilometre time trial and for the first time made its public appearance.

The first stage of this year´s Tour – the time trial – took the cyclists from Düsseldorf Messe along the Rhine to the famous Königsallee and back to the Messe. It was a premiere for Düsseldorf – after 30 years the Tour de France started again in Germany – and for the ŠKODA KAROQ, as it is making its first public appearance ahead of the market launch at the end of this year.

courtesy: www.skoda-auto.com