New Bentayga Hybrid Launches In Uk And Europe

New Bentayga Hybrid
  • New Bentayga Hybrid now available to order in the United Kingdom and Europe, bringing electrified motoring to the luxury SUV market
  • Unrivalled serenity through electric drive and even greater refinement
  • Increased connected car services with access to charging data, statistics and cabin comfort controls 
  • E-Motor partnered with a 3.0 litre twin-scroll turbocharged V6 petrol engine delivering 443 bhp (449 PS) and 516 lb.ft (700 Nm) of torque  
  • Combined range of 430 miles (693 km) with capability of 25 miles (40 km) range in pure electric drive (WLTP)
  • Usage profile data shows majority of journeys made with Bentayga Hybrid are in EV mode, and 90 per cent of customers consistently travel less than 30 miles per journey
New Bentayga Hybrid
New Bentayga Hybrid

The Bentayga Hybrid is currently accessible to arrange for clients in the United Kingdom and Europe. Following presentation in the dispatch markets of the USA and China, the Bentayga Hybrid keeps on bringing unparalleled, charged serenity to the extravagance SUV area all throughout the planet.

Following the dispatch of the Bentayga V8 and Bentayga Speed the previous summer, the Bentayga Hybrid is the third model in the best extravagance SUV portfolio the fragment has at any point seen. The original Bentayga Hybrid represented one in each five of Bentaygas fabricated, and the presentation of the subsequent age is probably going to build that proportion – 45% of Bentayga orders in China since dispatch have been for the mixture variant.

Giving an improved on proposal to clients, the most recent age Bentayga Hybrid is accessible at a similar base cost as a Bentayga V8 – zeroing in the client decision on powertrain inclination instead of cost.

Conveying a similar degree of solace and extravagance, yet with a calmer and more refined driving experience, the Bentayga Hybrid brings a determination of new advances and associated vehicle administrations, situating the new item as the most in fact progressed Bentayga to date.

New Bentayga Hybrid
New Bentayga Hybrid

The outside and inside plan accentuates Bentley plan DNA across the whole model reach, giving Bentley the freshest and most present day item group of any extravagance vehicle organization. Moreover, the Bentayga Hybrid is the initial step on Bentley’s way to having an electric contribution for each model in the reach inside the following three years, in front of Bentley’s first BEV in 2025 and as a feature of Bentley’s progressive Beyond100 procedure that will see the famous brand become the world’s driving supportable extravagance portability organization.

Presenting the most recent on-board innovation and a much seriously pampering lodge, the new Bentayga is fundamentally reconsidered both all around from the past age. The Bentayga Hybrid is accessible with a four or five-seat setup and can be customized further with an immense determination of discretionary substance including Blackline and Styling Specifications, with Blackline currently being requested on in excess of 33% of client vehicles.

The Bentayga Hybrid offers a definitive in electric extravagance, with smooth and quiet advancement through metropolitan conditions, while having the fabulous visiting ability to get away from the city and investigate further. Clients of the Bentayga Hybrid can get away from the commotion of the city through the refined and acoustically-disconnected peacefulness of the lodge without motor impedance, utilizing something like 25 miles of electric-just reach (WLTP), before genuinely abandoning the city with the solace of a complete consolidated scope of 430 miles (WLTP).

Bentley’s examination shows more than 90% of clients utilize their original Bentayga Hybrid consistently or a few times each week, and almost 100% of clients use EV mode, with half of them reliably embraced excursions of under 30 miles.

New Bentayga Hybrid
New Bentayga Hybrid

In certifiable terms, most of excursions can be accomplished totally in electric just, with zero discharges, conveying more advantages ecologically and expanding on Bentley’s new standing for supportability for what’s to come.

The Bentayga Hybrid is the first of two new Bentley cross breeds due to enter creation this year, with the close to break cover this late spring. The Bentayga Hybrid is accessible to arrange in the UK and Europe now, with conveyances starting in the coming weeks.