HYVIA: The new way to green hydrogen portability


‘HY’ for hydrogen, ‘VIA’ for street: HYVIA clears another way forward for the without carbon portability environment.

Green hydrogen from electrolysis of water empowers versatility with zero CO2 emissions*, expanded reach, and a short refueling time.

HYVIA biological system incorporates green hydrogen creation, stockpiling, and circulation with hydrogen refueling stations before the finish of 2021.

HYVIA will offer a wide scope of energy component fueled light business vehicles before the finish of 2021:

  • Expert Van H2-TECH – an enormous van for shipping merchandise and bundles, with 12m3 of freight volume and a scope of up to 500km.
  • Expert Chassis Cab H2-TECH – an enormous van for shipping bigger cargo, with 19m3 of freight volume and a scope of roughly 250km.
  • Expert Citybus H2-TECH – for moving up to 15 individuals, with a scope of about 300km.

A scope of financing choices and upkeep administrations will likewise be advertised.

HYVIA is situated in France at four areas. Get together of energy components and hydrogen refueling stations at the Flins industrial facility begins in late 2021. The items will be sold all through Europe.

Power modules and a green hydrogen biological system

HYVIA expands on the mastery of Plug Power, a worldwide head of hydrogen arrangements with more than 20 years of involvement with energy components and electrolyzers, and an organization of in excess of 100 refueling stations that apportion more than 40 tons of hydrogen consistently.

HYVIA will offer electrolysis arrangements, versatile capacity stations and, by late 2021, hydrogen refueling stations gathered in Flins, France. The hydrogen refueling stations will be accessible to lease or buy and are destined to be straightforward and protected to utilize.

Wide scope of hydrogen energy unit controlled LCVs

HYVIA draws on the aptitude of Renault Group, European head of electric LCVs with 40% piece of the pie, and pioneer of hydrogen LCVs since 2014.

HYVIA will offer a scope of three energy unit controlled LCVs before the year’s over, an offer correlative to battery electric vehicles.

Expert Van H2-TECH is a huge van that is most appropriate for the vehicle of products, with a scope of up to 500km and a load volume of 12m3.

Expert Chassis Cab H2-TECH is a huge van with significantly more freight space (19m3) and a scope of 250km.

Expert Citybus H2-TECH is a metropolitan minibus that can convey up to 15 travelers, ideal for organizations, regions and neighborhood public administrations, with a scope of 300km.

These vehicles are based on a Dual Power design: controlled by both electrical and hydrogen-based energy. The vehicles have a reach up to 500km: 100km from electrical force, the rest from hydrogen.

They are furnished with a 33kWh battery, a 30kW power device, and tanks containing between 3-7kg of hydrogen, contingent upon the adaptation.

Financing and upkeep administrations

HYVIA offers renting and support answers for every one of its clients’ requirements on both the vehicles and hydrogen arrangements and use the whole Renault organization, one of biggest all through Europe.

A French-based environment

HYVIA is situated in France:

  • Villiers Saint-Frédéric – Head Office and R&D: a devoted group has begun evaluating the prerequisites for enormous scope mounting of energy units, all inside the Renault Group’s middle for LCV designing and improvement.
  • Flins – Process, Manufacturing, and Logistics: work and appraisals for the get together of power devices and hydrogen refueling stations are speeding up with deals expected to begin by late 2021.
  • Batilly – Production of Renault Master: the Renault Group industrial facility in Batilly fabricates Master for HYVIA.
  • Gretz Amainvilliers – PVI (Renault Vehicle Innovation): this auxiliary of Renault Group since 2017, proceeds with the zap for Master and moves forward its ability to additionally coordinate power device innovation. PVI likewise creates 27 ton hydrogen-fueled trucks.

courtesy: https://en.media.renaultgroup.com