Hyundai celebrates launch of New Tucson N Line with unique art project

Hyundai celebrates launch of New Tucson N Line with unique art project
Hyundai celebrates launch of New Tucson N Line with unique art project

With the launch of the New Tucson N Line, customers have the chance to drive the brand’s first SUV with the sporty N look and feel. To mark the occasion, Hyundai enlisted German artist Andreas Preis to create the ‘Drive A Statement’ Project Tucson, a unique illustration on a New Tucson N Line.

The New Tucson N Line combines the popular design, safety and comfort of Tucson with the motorsport-inspired dynamic styling and attitude of N Line. With its sportier, aggressive design elements, the model is aimed at people who want to “drive a statement” that is sophisticated, yet bold. It is a grown-up model for people who want more and are not afraid to ask for it.

For this special occasion, Hyundai chose to work with Andreas Preis as he is renowned for his multi-faceted works of art. He specialises in illustration, murals and live paintings and likes to draw and paint portraits of abstract shapes and ornaments through a range of different mediums including paper, canvas, walls and wood.

For the ‘Drive A Statement’ Project Tucson, Hyundai asked Preis to create a truly eye-catching design that turns the New Tucson N Line into a real statement, while emphasising the car’s new features. It is inspired by Hyundai N’s heritage, and takes many cues from motorsport, with references to corners, chicanes, curbs and chequered flags, as well as the livery of Hyundai’s i20 Coupe WRC and i30 N TCR models. The visual elements and lines also create a dynamic, fast look, especially along the sides of the car.

The base colour of the illustration is Engine Red, and the artist has utilised the N Line colour palette of black, white, red and light blue. Preis’ design highlights key aspects of the model, such as its more aggressive and sporty front, which includes a new grille design, refined daytime running lights and new black-bezel headlamps. It also draws attention to the car’s elegant glossy black accents on the side mirrors and rear spoiler, as well as the dark alloy wheels and N Line badge. After designing the illustration, Preis transferred the work onto the car by hand with great attention to detail, with the whole production taking 72 hours of painting.

I was very excited to be asked by Hyundai to create an illustration on a New Tucson N Line. It is not every day you get to create an art work where a complete car is the canvas. With this project, I was able to turn the car into a statement of my own.

Andreas PreisArtist and creator of the ‘Drive A Statement’ Project Tucson

With the New Tucson N Line, we are appealing to a new customer base compared to the regular version. We therefore wanted Andreas Preis to create the ‘Drive A Statement’ Project Tucson to demonstrate that this is a special new model for Hyundai. I believe he has achieved this, and it fits perfectly with our claim that you are driving a statement. We will soon be displaying this unique car at events around Europe.

Andreas-Christoph HofmannVice President Marketing and Product Hyundai Motor Europe

New Tucson N Line: a family SUV with Hyundai N sportiness

The Tucson N Line is the first Hyundai SUV with the sporty N Line look and feel. Available in three powertrain variants, the model provides customers with the option to choose a family-friendly vehicle that suits their daily driving needs.

The new trim features exterior and interior elements inspired by N, Hyundai’s high-performance range. The dynamic design features are complemented on the two petrol models by refined chassis and suspension settings to customers can experience a more sporty drive feel. In the interior, consumers can enjoy N-branded leather sport seats and a sport steering wheel. Other enhancements include alloy pedals and the leather-wrapped, red-accented N gear shift lever.


The Hyundai Tucson: Looks Great. Is Great.

The Hyundai Tucson: Looks Great. Is Great.

The Hyundai Tucson: Looks Great. Is Great.

Hyundai Motor has released a new advertisement in the style of a movie trailer that demonstrates how the Hyundai Tucson is ready for all your everyday adventures.

The new campaign for the Hyundai Tucson is a fully-integrated online approach that combines a series of videos that engage with the audience by telling an exciting story. The Hyundai Tucson’s distinctive, dynamic and sleek design is cited by customers as the number one reason for purchase.

With the new campaign, Hyundai Motor continues to build on the success of the Tucson as one of the best-selling models. The core element of this new campaign is a cinematically stylish 2.5-minute short film called “The Switch” – the main character’s car gets switched for a Tucson – and he ends up driving into an unexpected, adrenaline-filled rollercoaster of a day: stopping for a sexy hitchhiker, getting chased by a crazy clown and escaping a wild pursuit. The film shows that Tucson is ready for all your everyday adventures.

“The Switch” plays on the conventions of a road movie, and helps to bring to life the Hyundai Tucson’s key features. The film is complemented by a Hollywood-style 30-second TV commercial that gives viewers the impression they are watching a high-octane movie trailer. The Hyundai Tucson’s bold presence and its athletic design is captured in the new campaign slogan: “The Hyundai Tucson: Looks great. Is great.”

Smart Power Tailgate
The Hyundai Tucson is equipped with a host of convenience and connectivity features which are tailored to each driver’s needs. This includes the Smart Power Tailgate, which boasts the widest opening in the class. To ease loading, this opens as the key-holder approaches. Keyless-entry and engine start, as well as an electronic parking brake, offer added convenience for drivers.

Rear View Camera
An integrated Rear View Camera with dynamic guidelines comes with the Hyundai Tucson as standard. This provides additional safety for drivers while reversing and feeds to the touchscreen display. Meanwhile, rear parking sensors are also available to make backing up easier. Sensors in the rear bumper give an audible warning that increases in frequency and tone as drivers get closer to objects in the area behind the vehicle.

Panorama Sunroof
The Hyundai Tucson’s Panorama Sunroof ensures drivers don’t miss anything in the sky above them. This twin panel, tilt-and-slide glass roof opens extends from the front seat tenth back and opens with the touch of a button, bringing in light and fresh air. The Panoramic Sunroof provides a 30% wider opening than the previous model.

Blind Spot Detection
In recent years, advanced safety assist systems have become standard for cars like the Hyundai Tucson as technology continues to evolve. Blind Sport Detection systems watch where drivers can’t, and provides 180 degrees of coverage around the car. The driver assistance technology tracks vehicles approaching alongside or beside drivers. A flashing light on the wing-mirror is accompanied by either a warning sound or sometimes vibration in the steering wheel. This warns drivers about to change lanes if other cars are obscured in the blind spot, or if someone is too close to the vehicle but not visible in the rear-view mirror.

The Hyundai Tucson is tailor-made for European drivers
Designed in Europe, the Hyundai Tucson is a compact SUV that is specially tailored to fulfil the expectations of European drivers. It became Hyundai Motor’s fastest-selling car in the region when it launched in September 2015. Its quality and reliability are guaranteed by its 5-star Euro NCAP safety rating and industry-leading 5-year unlimited mileage warranty. Last year, it won the iF Design Award 2016 in the “Product” discipline, under the “Automobiles / Vehicles / Bikes” category.