Lamborghini Accelerates Into the Metaverse: Unveiling the Lanzador Lab on Roblox for a Thrilling Virtual Journey


Automobili Lamborghini introduces Lamborghini Lanzador Lab, an immersive virtual experience on the Roblox platform, offering over 70 million daily-active users an exclusive opportunity to explore the cutting-edge design and technology of the upcoming Lanzador, the brand’s all-electric Ultra GT. This unique 3D experience, set years before the Lanzador hits the streets in reality, allows users to engage with Lamborghini’s innovation and style in the metaverse.

Christian Mastro, Marketing Director of Automobili Lamborghini, expresses excitement about presenting the Lanzador on Roblox, emphasizing the global audience engagement and the chance to experience the electric engine’s power. This collaboration underscores Lamborghini’s commitment to reaching a new generation of fans and showcasing leadership in both the digital and physical realms.

Beyond traditional gaming, Lamborghini’s immersive experience on Roblox creates a virtual 3D space for users to explore the Lanzador’s performance, learn about the brand’s rich history and design DNA, and engage in various activities. Users can visit a virtual replica of the Automobili Lamborghini museum, customize their own digital Lanzador through the Ad Personam personalization program, and compete in virtual racing time trials with their customized cars.

Mitja Borkert, Design Director of Automobili Lamborghini, appreciates the exposure of the Lanzador Design Lab and the brand’s design language within the Roblox experience, reaching an even younger generation.

The experience extends to offering Lamborghini-branded digital items and accessories for users to acquire, including a racing helmet, backpack, beanies, hats, and a limited-edition Automobili Lamborghini Bull Head for ultra-Lamborghini fans. Only three of these luxury items will be available for sale, each priced at 1.5 million Robux (Roblox’s digital currency). The three buyers will also receive a VIP experience, including a tour of the Museo Automobili Lamborghini and the Ad Personam Studio at the Lamborghini headquarters in Sant’Agata Bolognese, Italy.

With the fastest-growing age group on Roblox being 17-24 years old, Automobili Lamborghini aims to engage with a dynamic and diverse audience, showcasing its commitment to innovation and the future of digital luxury. Roblox’s extensive global reach across 180 countries provides a platform for Lamborghini to authentically connect with fans worldwide, offering an immersive Automobili Lamborghini experience in the metaverse.

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