2011 Honda CR-ZX: Production Version of the CR-X’s Hybrid

The bad news for Honda fans is that the NSX’s V10 successor has been canned while a replacement for the S2000 roadster that will end work this year is nowhere in sight (separately from magazine centerfolds, that is). The good news is that the CR-X have a mind return, though in a somewhat dissimilar form tailored to meet the needs of today’s ‘eco-frenzy’ universe. In other words, the CR-X’s successor will be a dedicated hybrid model – something in the likes of the Insight.

In its most recent issue, Japan’s Best Car magazine features an artist’sitting impression of the production rendition of the CR-Z concept car, which is mentioned as the CR-ZX. Not surpassingly, the cosmetic changes suggested are limited compared to the prototype model.

The report supports that the so-called CR-ZX bequeath be powered by a tweaked version of the Insight’s mild-hybrid drivetrain combining either a 1.3-liter or a 1.5-liter gasoline engine by a in greater numbers powerful electric motor. We suggest to you that the Insight is equipped with 1.3-liter gasoline four-pot and a 13HP charged with electricity motor generating a combined output of 98HP.

We must note that reports from this side of the Atlantic are suggesting that the CR-ZX will mate a added lively 1.8-liter engine to the electric motor. Could be that both sides are right as Honda may develop different versions for Japan and the US / Europe.

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