Bentley’s ‘new grand’ face teases with a glimpse of bonnet

Bentleyarnage2009Bentley’s Arnage replacement could come to New Zealand late next year, says Bentley Motors regional manager Ed Striebig.

The car – temporarily dubbed the “new grand Bentley” – is new from the ground up, Striebig says.

Bentley has so far released only this teaser image, which indicates it will adopt a clamshell-style bonnet tapering to the grille. The car will introduce a new face for Bentley, and heralds the next generation Continental, “as well as other new models which may emerge”.

Striebig says this car does not share the Arnage’s Rolls-Royce-derived platform, or any existing base, and confirms the Bentley platform may find an application elsewhere, though he won’t say whether Bentley will opt for two, or four-wheel-drive.

Otherwise extensive use of lightweight materials for the re-engineered structure could remove up to 150kg, which Striebig says is largely offset by the car’s increased size – it’s up to 150mm longer – and more extensive use of luxury materials. “It’s been a bit of a battle between the engineering and marketing people,” Striebig says, “And we’ve found a balance.”

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