Cadillac XTS To Replace Cadillac STS, DTS?

Cadillac V SIXTEEN ConceptOne of the oldest automobile brands, Cadillac, is recognized all over the world. The marquee of General Motors is well known for its luxury cars. In fact, the troubled auto giant has included the luxury brand as one of its four main marques. Cadillac cars will soon be unveiled in India also.

It has models such as the Seville Touring Sedan and the DeVille Touring Sedan in North America. Now Canadian website National Post is reporting that a new sedan, named as the Cadillac XTS, could replace the STS luxury sedan and the DTS luxury car. It is expected to be built on the global Epsilon platform of General motors. It apparently will be the largest four-door sedan in their line-up.

The Cadillac XTS is scheduled to enter production in the December of 2011. The luxury stretch sedan will be made at the Oshawa assembly plant in Canada. Cadillac DTS has not being doing that well in the market and this new car is expected to take on the likes of Audi, BMW and Lexus. Just recently, Cadillac revealed two new cars for the summer.


  1. Please inform me of all developments regarding the Cadillac Sixteen, XTS, or any nameplate that this vehicle may fall under. Please send any photos and specs of this vehicle as well as production dates, availability, options, price ranges, etc. Thank you.

    Troy C. Henderson

  2. the best thing since the old days and i was born in the 85 era i have a 1976 cadillac coupe deville and its long and sweat like mine but the 2011 xts is best thing on earth hands down futuristic


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