Ferrari Scuderia Spider 16M



In Ferrari speak, the name ‘Scuderia’ is synonomous with the most hardcore streetable track supercars the Prancing Horse has to offer the public. Unveiled at the Formula 1 Constructor’s World Championship, the Ferrari Scuderia Spider 16M is the first convertible Ferrari to bear that name.

The Scuderia Spider is billed as the fastest convertible to come from Ferrari, ever. While the new Ferrari California will be released soon in an attempt to make Ferrari supercars accessible to more drivers, the expensive track-ready Scuderia Spider is for Ferrari customers who crave pure, unbridled speed.

Upgrades over the Ferrari F430 Spider on which the Scuderia Spider is based included 80 kg in weight savings due to the use of lightweight body trim materials and the stripping of anything unnecessary to peak performance, and a carbon-trimmed roll bar that broadcasts to all gawkers the Scuderia Spider is ready for the track.

Inside, lucky rich guys who manage to snag one of the 499 Scuderia Spider cars being produced will be treated to an austere but functional Ferrari interior complemented by a custom Ferrari iPod Touch that can be mounted and removed from the dash and is used to control media functions.

Expect the instant-classic Ferrari Scuderia Spider 16M to command a significant premium over the F430 Spider when those 499 units are released to the power-hungry car buying public worldwide.

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