punto 2The car will be jointly produced with Tata Motors and is very reasonably priced between Rs 3.99 lakh and Rs 6.11 lakh rupees. The petrol versions will have 1.2L and 1.4L engines, while the diesel variant has a 1.3L multijet diesel engine. The launch also follows close on the heels of the launch of the Honda Jazz in India. Evidently small is in, and car manufacturers are prepping for the Tata Nano’s arrival in stores.

The Fiat Punto Grande is a 2005 model and was announced at the India Auto Expo in New Delhi in January 2009. Fiat’s premium model, the Fiat Linea has been selling well in India. The car has a high safety rating in European tests, and conforms to the Euro IV emission standards. It bears a Straight-4 engine, in which all four cylinders in the internal combustion engine are mounted in a straight line on the crankshaft, making it cheaper to manufacture and well-suited for small cars. Unfortunately, it also leads to noise and vibrations in smaller cars as the cylinders are not well-balanced, without a more complex design. By Fiat’s announcement, the expected mileage is 22.3kpl for the 90bhp and 21.2kpl for the 75bhp engine.

“The launch of Grande Punto marks a new milestone for Fiat in India as we bring the quintessentially Italian designs to Indian shores,” Fiat India official said