How even Exotic Luxury Supercar Bentleys are now Environmentally Friendly

2010-bentley-continental-supersports-front-rightjpgThe super luxury cars don’t have to be green (i.e., environmently friendly). Why should they? There’s just too few in demand compared to the millions of vehicles for the lesser masses.

Still, some exotic car makers make the gesture. Take Bentley for example. The automaker has announced that the materials it uses to make its Continentals are 85 percent recyclable. And these cars have a recovery rate of 95 percent.

One of Bentley’s newest models, the W12 Continental Superspports, has a top speed of 204 mph and generates 621 horsepower. It is the most powerful and fastest production car Bentley has ever had. Yet it can be powered by regular gasoline or E85.

Bentley said that all of its models will be able to burn flex fuels by 2012. Finally, the company plans to develop an engine which uses 40 percent less fuel by 2012.

By the way, bet you didn’t know that 70 percent of all Bentleys ever made are still in existence. Course, they are in the hands of collectors and museums.

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