Hyundai i30 N geared up for the road and the track

Hyundai i30 N Nürburgring (1)


  • Hyundai Motor has completed final testing of i30 N, ahead of its unveiling on 13 July
  • Designed for the pursuit of performance, the i30 N stands for maximum everyday driving enjoyment – on the road and on the track
  • Developed with the focus on cornering, race track capability, everyday sports car and the customisation of features, the i30 N translates pure driving enjoyment into heartbeats per minute.

Hyundai Motor has revealed further information about the i30 N ahead of its unveiling on 13 July. The company’s first high-performance car under the N line up finished its final development stage.

The i30 N is an important step towards strengthening our brand value by enriching it with emotions and performance. This car is made to deliver exhilarating driving pleasure for everyone. It is designed for motorists to experience a mischievous grin when driving a performance car and feel the feeling.

Albert Biermann – Executive Vice President High Performance Vehicle Development & Testing

The development of the i30 N was focussed on three pillars under the theme ‘Fun to Drive’: cornering, race track capability and everyday sports car.

The i30 N has been developed to make the driver’s heart beat faster when he or she gets behind the wheel. Instead of focusing on pure numbers, Hyundai Motor has chosen to emphasise driving pleasure and the driver’s heart beats per minute (BPM), instead of only revs per minute (RPM).

Tested under extreme conditions at the Nürburgring, Hyundai’s first high performance model navigates sharp corners masterfully, providing outstanding performance in cornering.

Durability and race track performance were key elements in the development process of the i30 N. Proven during the world’s toughest endurance test, the ADAC 24-hour test race on the Nürburgring, and having undergone 10,000 km of durability testing, Hyundai Motor’s high-performance car is capable of race track driving and wholly reliable on the track.

By offering a great variety of customisation options, the car’s high-performance features can be adjusted to the driver’s preferences and road conditions, delivering balanced driving modes for convenient daily commuting on the road or on the track.


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