Opel’s Electrifying Roadmap: Highlights from IAA Mobility, Pioneering EVs, and a Glimpse into the Future


In 2023, Opel marks a significant milestone in its electrification journey with 15 already electrified models under its Blitz brand. The latest additions include the Opel Corsa Electric, Astra Electric, and Astra Sports Tourer Electric. Notably, the Astra Sports Tourer Electric stands out as one of the first all-electric estates in the market.

Opel made waves at the IAA Mobility 2023 in Munich with three world premieres, including the Opel Experimental—a visionary concept offering insights into the brand’s future. The event also featured the dynamic third season of the ADAC Opel Electric Rally Cup “powered by GSe,” the world’s first electric one-make rally cup, highlighting Opel’s commitment to sustainability and innovation.

Opel’s LCV lineup saw a refreshing update with the introduction of the new Opel Combo, Vivaro, and Movano, emphasizing the brand’s commitment to electrification in both passenger and commercial vehicles.

Opel CEO Florian Huettl expressed the brand’s commitment to making mobility electric, easy, and exciting. The electrification journey continues in 2024, coinciding with Opel’s celebration of 125 years of automobile production. The brand aims to have at least one battery-electric variant in each carline, reinforcing its commitment to driving the change towards electromobility.

Overall, Opel’s electrification strategy positions it as a forward-thinking and dynamic player in the evolving automotive landscape, combining innovation with sustainability for a thrilling driving experience.

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