Revving Up Innovation: Nissan’s Dazzling Lineup at Tokyo Auto Salon 2024


Nissan is set to showcase an impressive lineup at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2024, including the eagerly anticipated Gen3 car for the Formula E “Tokyo E-Prix” in March 2024. The third-generation Formula E racecar, Nissan e-4ORCE 04, is meticulously wrapped in a captivating cherry blossom flower design, symbolizing Japan’s essence.

But that’s not all—Nissan is bringing innovation to the forefront with concept versions of popular models like Caravan, X-Trail, Roox, and March. Explore a new world of customization as these concept vehicles redefine style and functionality.

Additionally, Nissan Motorsports & Customization (NMC) will present two exceptional vehicles from AUTECH, showcasing the brand’s commitment to sporty luxury and quality craftsmanship.

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the highlights:

  1. Nissan e-4ORCE 04 Formula E Racecar: Witness the power of the third-generation Formula E machine, uniquely adorned with Japan’s symbolic cherry blossom theme, gearing up for the Tokyo E-Prix.
  2. Disaster Support Mobile-Hub (Based on Caravan): Experience a customized Caravan designed to serve as a mobile support hub during disasters. Equipped with LEAF’s “Portable Battery,” this model aims to provide essential lifelines and solutions in crisis-stricken areas.
  3. X-Trail Crawler Concept: Unleash the off-road spirit of the X-Trail with the rugged X-Trail Crawler Concept, showcasing toughness and a taste for challenging terrains.
  4. Roox Beams Customized Concept: Collaborating with Japanese fashion house Beams, this Roox concept exudes a playful charm with versatile denim fabric, both inside and out, inviting everyone for a stylish ride.
  5. March Customized Concept: Explore a new perspective on cherishing used cars with the March Customized Concept, tailored for the young and vibrant. This concept reflects a lifestyle choice, using the example of a pastry chef.
  6. X-Trail Autech Sports Spec Concept & Serena Autech Sports Spec Concept: Experience the luxurious sportiness of Autech with these concepts based on X-Trail and Serena, enhancing both the driving experience and interior/exterior designs.
  7. NISMO Lineup: Discover the power-packed NISMO lineup, including the GT-R NISMO with maximized racing technology and the Fairlady Z NISMO tuned for exclusive performance.
  8. Skyline NISMO: Combining aerodynamics and chassis technologies, the Skyline NISMO embodies the ultimate GT car, offering a thrilling driving performance and a powerful presence.

Don’t miss the chance to witness these automotive marvels at Tokyo Auto Salon 2024, taking place at Makuhari Messe from Jan 12-14. Stay tuned for more updates, and join the excitement as Nissan’s booth and talk show go live on their official YouTube account during the event!

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