The new S-Class – First class into the future.

mercedes-benz s-class

Powerful, comfortable, and full of innovation. New engines, new assistance systems, driving in a new dimension.

A dream becomes reality.

When a long-cherished dream finally becomes a reality, that is one very special moment. When the new S-Class is able to propel car driving quite a way into the future, and also makes the vision of partly automated driving a bit more reachable – that is one such moment. A very special one.The new S-Class brings with it an unprecedented selection of models, features and engine types as well as the self-confidence and image of being best in class. Daimler’s flagship will now be making life easier and more comfortable than ever before, for both driver and passenger, thanks to multiple innovative driver assistance systems, new engines and the Energizing comfort control. A drive in the city, along country roads or on highways will not only be more comfortable, it will also be safer. And more sensual. Simply more beautiful and more relaxed. It will become a holistic experience.

A new generation of engines.

A tour through a long list of innovations: the future promises a new, very powerful and economical generation of engines – the petrol-driven inline six-cylinder, also in tandem with a 48-volt electrical system, electric auxiliary compressor and integrated starting generator. The six-cylinder will be available for the saloon in Europe, China and Japan. The new inline six-cylinder diesel with 210 kW (285 hp) will in future be powering the S 350 d 4MATIC. And the strongest series diesel engine ever built by Mercedes-Benz, with 250 kW (340 hp), will run under the bonnet of the S 400 d 4MATIC.

Fit & Healthy.

The new Fit & Healthy features – such as ambient lighting with three or even five colour schemes for lighting the interiour – also raise the bar in terms of comfort. Six Fit & Healthy programmes are available: Freshness, Warmth, Vitality, Joy, Comfort, Training. They perfectly interact with the new engine types and intelligent assistance systems so that driver and passengers could get out of the car feeling better than when they got in.

The new generation.

The new generation of driver assistance systems is a milestone in partly automated driving: three radar systems and an advanced stereo multi-purpose camera system provide a far-ranging view. Controls for the highly intelligent helpers are accessed on the three-spoke steering wheel. The activated systems are displayed on the cock­pit and on the head unit. The driver sees every­thing clearly at a glance and can easily access the controls.

The assistance system functions have been further improved for the S-Class. Active Distance Assist DISTRONIC (which can maintain the distance between the next vehicle up to 210 km/h) and Active Steering Assist are very useful and can help the driver, if necessary.

Data from the navigation system and information provided by the cameras, radar and ultrasound sensors now give the S-Class an extraordinary field of vision. For the first time, the system factors in map and navigation data into the calculation of driving behaviour.

The assistance systems can now also adjust driving speeds to the allowed speed limits, handled by the Active Speed Limit Assist, which recognises traffic signs in conjunction with Comand Online. The helpers also have all details of the driving route under control. The activated systems do not get over-confident. No risks. They register intersections and curves in advance.

Relaxed elegance.

When Active Steering Assist is activated, the S-Class takes curves with even greater relaxed elegance. Active Distance Assist DISTRONIC can even adjust the vehicle’s speed when navigating roundabouts. And in Eco mode, the S-Class automatically turns off when idling, which saves valuable fuel during “sailing”.

When driving returns to normal, the assistance system accelerates to the predefined speed. The vehicle also autonomously decelerates when approaching exits or junctions if the route has been programmed into the navigation system. And if things get tense because of fatigue or health problems, the S-Class is on the watch: the Active Emergency Stop Assist recognises if the driver no longer actively intervenes in the driving process, the on-board electronic system issues an optical warning signal, then an acoustic one. If the driver does not react after repeated warnings, the vehicle slows down in a controlled manner until it comes to a standstill. The emergency call system is activated and the vehicle is unlocked.

Mercedes me connect.

Just so many great ideas! The Concierge Service now lets Mercedes me connect customers take
advantage of many personalised services: travel tips, restaurant reservations, tickets for sports and cultural events.

Amidst all the driving fun and luxury, the question remains: which S-Class is the right one for me? The answer is difficult because there are six different body types to choose from. The customer can select from 81 designs.

Clearly, the new S-Class is aiming to defend its title and also remain in future the greatest and most successful luxury car family in the world. The chances are very good. And thanks to the many option combinations, it is even conceivable that no S-Class will be identical to another. Anything more special or more individual than that is just hard to imagine.


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