2010 Prius proves its fuel economy credentials



With the 2010 Prius, Toyota takes another step forward in eco-friendly motoring. The car is equipped with Toyota’s most advanced hybrid automobile technology – the Hybrid Synergy Drive (HSD). With HSD, Toyota excels in producing powerful full-hybrid vehicles, improving upon the single or dual mode hybrid cars offered by most competitors.

The core of HSD is a drive-by-wire system that eliminates the conventional mechanical and hydraulic control systems – it doesn’t need a direct connection between the engine and its controls. Instead,HSD uses electro-mechanical actuators that send electrical signals generated from different components of the car to a computerized power control system.

The new 2010 Prius is capable of driving on either gasoline or electric power alone, as well as on a combined power supply. A 1.8L WT-i petrol engine, an electric motor, a high-voltage battery, a power control unit, and a power split mechanism ensure smooth acceleration and an emission free ride. The 2010 model also increases system power output by a hefty 22%.

The 2010 Prius can reach 30mph in electric mode, and boasts an incredible 72.4mpg is attainable from the combined drivetrain. Exceeding the Euro 5 emission standard, the 2010 Toyota Prius is the most efficient green car of the future.

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