Fiat Scores 5 Famed Awards For Advertising

Fiat Scores 5 Famed Awards For Advertising

Fiat Scores 5 Famed Awards For Advertising

This is a successful week for Fiat that has won five prestigious awards for advertising. Made in collaboration with the Leo Burnett creative agency, the winning campaigns are the result of the constantly innovative approach of the brand in this area. The star is the entire 500 family, from the iconic Fiat 500 to the Italian crossover Fiat 500X and the 500L, which form a family which is like no other on the international automotive scene.

The “GrandPrix Advertising Strategies” awards, the most important in Italy for brands and advertising, were given in Milan.

The first prize in the “Contro un avversario” category went to the “500X Transition” spot starring Oscar winner Adrien Brody and the Fiat crossover. During the journey, the car driven by the actor morphs into a dog sled, a hoverboard, a vintage scooter and a carriage. These vehicles represent the peculiarities of 500X: performance, innovation, style, comfort and elegance.

The first prize in the “Leader/Evergreen” category went to the “500S Test” video which was posted on social media and garnered the resounding result of 13 million spontaneous views and was shared over 500,000 times in just a week. The campaign speaks to the “Bad Boys” for which the 500S, the special version with bold looks and a strong personality, was explicitly designed and created.

The long prize record of Fiat was completed by the win in the “Viral” category at “Key Award”, the contest exclusively dedicated to advertising films, with the “500L Pronto mamma” project: a few days before Mother’s Day, a taxi offered free runs to customers providing they spent the whole time in the car talking on their phones with their mothers.

The success of Fiat advertising was reasserted in the “NC Awards” contest created by ADC Group to focus on integrated and holistic advertising in Italy, which every year brings together the most important names in the worlds of marketing and advertising on the panel. Fiat took two medals: Silver for “500 The Cult Sharing” in the relational marketing category and Bronze for the “Eroi cercasi” campaign in the sponsoring category. In particular, during the recent Milano Design Week the well-known 500 cars of the “Enjoy” car sharing service were replaced with some 1957 vintage models for the “500 The Cult Sharing” operation. It was an original way to celebrate the glorious icon of international automotive design.


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