Innovative Visions Unveiled: Nissan Students’ Custom Creations Shine at Tokyo Auto Salon 2024

Nissan's Student-Crafted Wonders

Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. is excited to announce the showcase of custom vehicles crafted by students from the Nissan Automobile Technical College at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2024.

The Nissan Automobile Technical College, a part of the Nissan Group with campuses spread across Japan, offers a comprehensive curriculum covering nationally recognized qualifications in automobile maintenance. Additionally, the college provides specialized courses in automotive engineering, focusing on motorsports and bodywork.

The spotlight of the exhibition will be on three uniquely customized vehicles, the culmination of students’ dedicated efforts from the Aichi and Kyoto campuses, specifically from bodywork courses.

Exhibit Highlights:

1. Elgrand Glassier – Nissan Automobile Technical College Kyoto

  • Mechanic & Customize Course (by 4th-year students; six-month build time)

Embodying the concept of “bringing people together,” this vehicle is envisioned for six close family members to enjoy camping and deepen their bonds. The Elgrand Glassier features increased ground clearance for rough roads, a roof-installed tent for family comfort, and incorporates the off-road feel of the X-Trail on the front. The unique body color, inspired by the light of early dawn, complements the contemporary design.

2. Seto – Nissan Automobile Technical College Kyoto

  • Mechanic & Customize Course (by 4th-year students; six-month build time)

A unique “Pike Car” designed as a bridge between past and present. Based on the Cube with the front face and tail lamps of a Bluebird, it offers a cute and stylish experience. The seamless connection between the two vehicles was achieved through welding and putty modeling. The light navy color reflects the anticipation of spontaneous road trips with friends and the enjoyment of nightlife.

3. Adonis Skyline – Nissan Automobile Technical College Aichi

  • Mechanic & Car Body Master Course (by 3rd-year students; 2.5-month build time)

Crafted with the concept of “a vehicle like Adonis, who everyone will fall for,” this car is designed for a young, affluent individual with an active lifestyle. Maintaining the flowing lines of the base Skyline, the body has been widened for a more imposing form. The interior features a relaxed feel with changes to the dashboard panel surfaces. The original “Adonis white” color adds a fresh tone to this captivating creation.

Explore the cutting-edge innovations and imaginative designs brought to life by the skilled students of the Nissan Automobile Technical College at Tokyo Auto Salon 2024.

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