Jeep Avenger MY24: Pioneering the Future of SUVs with Versatile Powertrains and Award-Winning Design

Jeep Avenger MY24
Jeep Avenger MY24

Discover the all-new Jeep Avenger MY24, crowned the European Car of the Year 2023, marking a significant milestone in automotive excellence. This compact SUV embodies the essence of the Jeep brand, seamlessly combining capability, style, functionality, and technology into a unique package that promises pure freedom in a compact form.

Diverse Powertrain Options for Unmatched Freedom of Choice

Jeep Avenger MY24

The Jeep Avenger MY24 lineup offers a spectrum of choices, ranging from the 100% electric to the recently introduced e-Hybrid with automatic transmission, along with traditional petrol manual transmission options. This commitment to diverse powertrains reflects Jeep’s dedication to providing customers with the freedom to choose according to their preferences and needs.

Enhanced Comfort and Luxury Features

The new Avenger MY24 introduces comfort enhancements to elevate your driving experience. Revel in the pleasure of an Open-Air Sky Roof and a Powered Driver Seat with massage function and leather materials, ensuring optimal support. These features are available across all powertrain options, providing a luxurious touch to every journey.

Award-Winning Excellence

Jeep Avenger MY24

The Jeep Avenger stands as a testament to its excellence, boasting an impressive collection of accolades. It has received widespread recognition from the industry, clinching prestigious awards including the esteemed 2023 European Car of the Year, securing the title of Best Family SUV in the 2023 Women’s World Car of the Year, and earning the distinguished Electric Car of the Year award in the Top Gear UK Awards. With over 40,000 orders since its unveiling at the Paris Auto Show last year, the Avenger has played a pivotal role in increasing Jeep’s segment share in the B-SUV segment in Europe.

Unmatched Powertrains for Every Driver

Choose from three distinct powertrains to suit your preferences. The 100% electric version boasts a 400-volt electric motor with a range of up to 600 km, while the e-Hybrid seamlessly combines electric and combustion engine technologies for optimal fuel efficiency. The traditional petrol version is equipped with a powerful 1.2-litre engine, providing exceptional performance.

Simplified Lineup for Easy Decision-Making

Responding to customer feedback and market demands, the new Jeep Avenger MY24 undergoes a range simplification process, ensuring that every trim and feature align with the practical and emotional needs of the modern consumer. This commitment to customer satisfaction is reflected in a refined lineup with prices accessible to a broader audience.

Three Distinct Trims for Varied Tastes

Explore the Longitude, Altitude, and Summit trims, each offering a unique blend of features, style, and advanced technology. From practicality to sophistication, there’s a trim to suit every lifestyle.

Electrification as the Future

Jeep’s journey towards electrification is evident in the Avenger MY24. As part of the Dare Forward 2030 plan, Jeep is actively shaping the next era of mobility. With a focus on capability, comfort, fuel efficiency, safety, and environmental responsibility, Jeep is crafting a sophisticated range of electrified products, marking a significant stride forward in its history and a commitment to cutting-edge, environmentally conscious mobility solutions.

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