Kia’s EV9 Electrifies Safety Standards: Achieving a Five-Star Symphony in Euro NCAP’s Rigorous Test Arena!

kia EV9

Euro NCAP, Europe’s prominent independent safety testing organization, has bestowed the highest safety accolade upon Kia’s all-new EV9 following rigorous evaluations. The all-electric seven-seater SUV secured a pristine five-star rating, underscoring its exceptional safety credentials.

Throughout the comprehensive testing process encompassing four crucial categories, the EV9 consistently demonstrated excellence. It achieved notable scores of 84% for adult occupant protection, 88% for child occupant protection, 76% for vulnerable road users, including pedestrians, and an impressive 83% in the ‘safety assist’ category, reflecting the vehicle’s robust suite of crash avoidance technologies.

Euro NCAP commended the EV9 for maintaining stability in the frontal impact test, offering commendable knee and femur protection for all occupants, regardless of size or seating positions. The SUV was recognized as a moderately benign impact partner in frontal collisions. In the side barrier test, the EV9 garnered maximum points, ensuring strong protection for critical body areas of both driver and passengers. The advanced eCall system, which promptly alerts emergency services in the event of a crash, received accolades.

The EV9 excelled in child occupant tests, safeguarding critical body areas of six- and ten-year-old passengers. Noteworthy features such as airbag flexibility and an intelligent child presence detection system were acknowledged.

Euro NCAP spotlighted the effectiveness of the EV9’s Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) system in safety assist technology evaluations. The AEB system exhibited commendable responsiveness to other vehicles, successfully avoiding impacts in various test scenarios.

Additional safety features highlighted by Euro NCAP included the EV9’s Lane Keeping Assistant (LKA), providing gentle course corrections in lane drift situations, and a speed assistance system adept at identifying local speed limits, affording drivers the option for automatic limiter setting.

The EV9’s robust safety rating is reinforced by its high-strength Electric-Global Modular Platform (E-GMP) and sturdy body structure. Coupled with an array of active driver-assist and safety features, this underscores the EV9’s commitment to delivering maximum convenience and safety on the road.

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