Stellantis and Ample’s Swift Solution for Fully Charged Batteries in 5-Minutes


Stellantis and Ample have officially inked a transformative agreement aimed at advancing electric vehicle (EV) battery charging technology, with the goal of achieving a complete EV battery charge in less than five minutes. The partnership centers on integrating Ample’s Modular Battery Swapping solution into Stellantis’ electric vehicles, allowing drivers to swap depleted batteries for fully charged ones at specially designed stations, minimizing charging downtime.

The collaboration is set to kick off in Madrid, Spain, in 2024, featuring a fleet of 100 Fiat 500e vehicles within Stellantis’ Free2move car-sharing service. The Fiat 500e, a global leader in EV sales, particularly in European markets, will spearhead the initial program.

Ricardo Stamatti, Stellantis Senior Vice President of the Charging & Energy Business Unit, expressed excitement about the partnership, emphasizing how it aligns with Stellantis’ commitment to exploring diverse avenues for electric vehicle mobility. The ambitious plan includes not only the Madrid initiative but also discussions on extending Ample’s battery-swapping technology to fulfill Stellantis’ fleet and consumer demands across various platforms and geographies.

Ample’s CEO, Khaled Hassounah, highlighted the joint solution’s potential to eliminate barriers to EV adoption. By combining compelling electric vehicles with rapid charging capability, the partnership aims to address range anxiety and enhance energy efficiency for customers worldwide.

Ample’s technology offers an innovative approach to delivering energy to electric vehicles, providing a quick and convenient refueling experience akin to traditional gas refueling. The company’s modular batteries are designed as drop-in replacements for original electric vehicle batteries, enabling seamless integration without extensive vehicle platform reengineering.

The lightweight battery-swapping stations, deployable in public areas within just three days, form a scalable infrastructure to meet growing demand. When an Ample-enabled EV approaches the station, it is immediately recognized, and the driver can initiate a battery swap through a mobile app, resulting in a fully charged battery in less than five minutes.

The subscription-based model for Ample’s battery technology is poised to minimize EV downtime, reduce upfront vehicle costs, and offer customers the latest battery technology, thereby extending the EV’s range and lifespan.

Aligned with Stellantis’ Dare Forward 2030 strategic plan, which aims for a 100% passenger car battery electric vehicle (BEV) sales mix in Europe and a 50% mix in the United States by 2030, the partnership signifies a bold step toward achieving these targets. As part of Stellantis’ commitment to sustainability, the company is on track to become a carbon net-zero corporation by 2038.

Ample, recognized in prestigious tech and innovation lists, continues to make waves in the industry, with its Modular Battery Swapping solution contributing to the evolution of electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

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