Unleashing the Night: Maserati Introduces MC20 Notte – A Limited Edition Masterpiece of Power, Elegance, and Racing Spirit


Maserati is delighted to unveil the MC20 Notte, the inaugural limited edition of its super sports car MC20. Crafted for the race track yet engineered for superior performance on the road, the MC20 Notte Edition pays homage to the audacious spirit that has consistently propelled the Trident brand forward since its inception.

The MC20, symbolizing Maserati’s return to its supercar roots by seamlessly blending sportiness and luxury, now draws even closer to its racing essence with the introduction of the Notte Edition. This exclusive release, limited to just 50 units globally, draws inspiration from the mystical and intense power of darkness. A formidable beast, designed to captivate and aesthetically elevate the already extraordinary performance of its V6 Nettuno engine.

Inspired by the captivating world of racing, the Maserati Fuoriserie team collaborated with Andrea Bertolini, Maserati’s esteemed reference driver and former GT1 world champion. Together, they shaped the bodywork of the MC20 Notte, transitioning its exterior from a lustrous black to a magnetic matte ‘nero essenza’ shade designed to illuminate in the dark. Bertolini’s touch transforms key details—the Trident, side logos, and Maserati signature—from silver to matte white gold, rekindling the brand’s illustrious motorsport legacy.

Remaining firmly planted on the tarmac, the 20” matte black birdcage wheels feature accents in matte white gold, while the black brake calipers complete the sleek look. Inside, the MC20 Notte boasts 6-way power sport seats in Alcantara black/grey with yellow stitching. The unmistakable Trident adorns the headrests, and the Alcantara sport steering wheel incorporates carbon fiber inserts. A unique metal plate commemorating the MC20 Notte Edition, along with a distinctive ‘UNA DI 50’ (one of 50) signature, graces the space between the two headrests.

“Fuoriserie,” meaning ‘custom-built’ in Italian, embodies Maserati’s customization program, aimed at crafting unique automotive masterpieces for clients. Klaus Busse, Head of Maserati Design, expressed, “MC20 Notte celebrates the thrill of racing and the allure of the night, combining supreme performance and Italian elegance with a touch of mystery from the nocturnal world. It is the first Fuoriserie limited edition of MC20 and is dedicated to super sportscar collectors and track enthusiasts.”

In celebration of the MC20 Notte Edition launch, a captivating short film featuring global brand ambassador David Beckham and Maserati’s reference driver Andrea Bertolini showcases Beckham’s dazzling MC20 transformed into a new racing entity, blazing through the night on city streets and the racetrack.

After an exclusive preview for Maserati Tridente members, the MC20 Notte is now available worldwide. Future owners will be invited to partake in a Maserati on-track driving experience, allowing them to savor the unique thrill offered by this exclusive Trident model.

Courtesy : https://www.media.maserati.com

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